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Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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(05-17-2022, 06:01 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]

Audio of Amber Heard antagonizing Johnny, laughing at him, and sounding legitimately possessed.

She's saying "Suck my dick" over and over, he says something like "I don't want your kind of woman" and "I don't want to suck your dick."

The whole audio is just her being totally abusive to him, saying cruel shit that you absolutely would not say to someone who you feared physical abuse from.

She's saying all his shows and movies sucked and that he's a washed up has been loser basically.

It's unbelievable...

The fact that JOHNNY FUCKING DEPP had to hear this out of somebody. It just goes to show that NO ONE is safe from this kind of abuse. NO ONE. No one is safe from feeling demeaned and unappreciated... nobody's safe from mental, emotional, or physical abuse.

It's just crazy.

After hearing her cackling like some kind of demon and saying all that shit to him, there isn't gonna be a single person on that jury who believes her shit anymore, if they ever did to begin with.

She's absolutely vomitous.

7:26 it's sad to hear JOHNNY FUCKING DEPP say "You don't even know what movies I've done, you haven't even taken an interest, but I have to watch your..."

It just goes to prove that you can be beloved by COUNTLESS people across the globe, but when your "PARTNER" doesn't give a fuck about anything you do, couldn't care less about your creations, your passions, or any other way you express yourself, it totally hurts. No matter who you are and no matter what you've accomplished... when your partner never acknowledges anything about you that makes you unique whatsoever, it hurts no matter how much support you have outside of that relationship.

It's so relatable.

I hope Johnny has a good relationship with somebody else someday, or at the least just never has to be used and abused like this again.

That's some of the most damning audio that has been presented in this case...

You pretty much don't even have to hear anything else that has even been presented, that shit tells the entire story.

Amber verbally abused him and degraded him until she was sure she'd hurt him, and if she wasn't sure her words had hurt him enough or if he wasn't reacting enough, she would resort to physical abuse.

It's totally clear who the aggressor is and who the victim is just by this audio alone.

Anyone who has ever dealt with a narcissist will recognize her antagonistic tone, the laughing, the prodding... it's all hallmark BPD and narcissistic behavior.
When she starts laughing, I literally felt like I was going to puke.
Good fucking lord. Vasquez is pounding Amber's ass into a soupy pulp and offering zero lube.

16:25 if she's had ALL the money since 2018, then why the hell hasn't she donated it to the charities like she said she would??

That like 4 years.

Does she even have the money anymore??
I don't see any reason why she'd be holding onto the money for that long and not donating it like she said she would.

She shouldn't have even done the charity thing... I guess she just wanted to morally grandstand.

Acting like it wasn't all about the money to her did nothing but bring into the spotlight how it's literally all about the money to her.
19:20 slauggghhhhttttteredddddd.
22:28 lmfao Camille calling out Amber's team for being totally inappropriate and then chastising Amber for her shit choice in defense representatives BAAHHAHAHRAWFHAWBRAWBAHAHAJAHAaa.
Scamber Turd. Lol.
I love the satisfied look on everyone's faces in the courtroom behind the lawyers while Camille is rubbing Amber's nose in all her lies.
22:56 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT?!?!?!?1?!?!?1?1?1?!?

Oh Amber, hon...

A lot of people do.

But your attempt to be "relatable" to the "peasants" just shoots you in the foot.

Amber's face when Johnny cracks a joke to his lawyer under his breath. When the lawyer starts laughing, right at that moment... 


When the Law & Crime channel is putting out "objection compilations" from Camille, you know whose side they're on.
0:57 roflmfao ohhhh maaaaaaan.

It's good they're showing clips of the deposition in court because it clearly showcases the fact that the way we see Amber acting that deposition is who she REALLY IS. Every second that they've seen Amber in the court has been an act and underneath, she's that disrespectful snickering little bitch.

The testimonies from Amber's friends are even worse than I figured they'd be.

This chick is even more dramatic and totally ridiculous than Amber is.

Who the fuck would be that upset about something that happened like a decade ago, to SOMEONE ELSE??

Yikes man.

Who advised them to play up the theatrics?

It's embarrassing as hell.

I figured her friends would be obviously insufferable but this is just over the top.
It seems like they all had the same acting coach or something.

LOLLL. It's incredible how their efforts to belittle him wind up with him rising to the top like a fine fucking cream. Could they possibly be more out of touch with reality?
A lot of people said Amber's sister threw Johnny under the bus, but...

I saw it differently. All I heard out of her testimony was that she fucking loved Johnny Depp, LMAO.
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