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Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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(05-22-2022, 02:14 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]This is why everyone loves Johnny Depp.

Video removed for violating ThemTube terms of service.

I guess we know which bed shitter ThemTube is siding with.
Wow that's insane.
It was a video of him talking to fans from the vehicle/road whilst leaving the court house, and one of the women said "You'll always be Captain Jack Sparrow" and then he went into character and said a few things as Captain Jack...

It was really sweet.

Sad Nana






or its game over for America


cmon class, get up and shake it with the phelps family !

cringe maybe but that's how we battle satan
This is still up, but not embeddable for whatever reason.

"You'll always be the Captain Jack Sparrow."

Duuuuuude... this fucking psychiatrist is UNHIIIIIINNNGED.
Who the fuck gets ARGUMENTATIVE on the stand?! It's insane, lmao!!!

1:50 he looks CRRAAAZZZYYYY.

0:01 dude look at the look on Johnny's team's face at the table... they CANNOT believe this guy.

It's like... embarrassing, stunning, and freaky all rolled into one.


@2:38 he drinkin his own piss just like i do

This 100% expert, no BS, absolute truth testimony was a complete and total slaughter of Amber's ego.


Miss Moss is a cutie with a sweet voice.

She and Johnny Depp got to bang in their hottest glory days, what a dream.
It was solid of her to come on and dispel the rumor that nasty Amber set afloat by mentioning her in such a horrid context...

Amber loves to do that.
From the comments on that video...

Quote:How on earth did Amber think she could get away with creating a story about Johnny pushing Kate down the stairs when he did not, did she think Kate would back her up? Did she start to believe in her own lies? Bravo to Kate Moss for coming in to testify and standing up for Johnny. It shows she has no animosity toward him after they broke up. I'm trying my best to stay neutral but the longer this goes on the more obvious it becomes that there is something very wrong with Amber Heard.
Amber's been loving up to her own lawyer guy trying to flirt with him in court in a pathetic attempt to compete with Camille and Johnny's genuine blooming romance... everyone's been calling her out on it.
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