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Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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Everybody's tripping balls about how hot the psychologist lady is and I totally agree...

She's definitely better looking than Amber Heard, she's just got something about her.

Haphazardly posting vids from today without even watch them, lol.
You can tell when Amber gets on the stand she's totally gonna lose her shit.
Has she even been on the stand yet?? I haven't really been watching this stuff apart from clips here and there.
This was some of the best out of the whole trial so far...

This woman was with Amber day in and day out and got treated like absolute shit by her.

She's VERY intelligent too...

They try to make her trip up but she doesn't fall for the BS.
This psychologist lady is VERY fucking sexy.
(04-26-2022, 06:52 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]

15:30 look at Amber's face/reaction to this. The inevitable clips of Amber losing her shit on the stand and being rude and crazy are gonna be epic gold.
Dr. Shannon Curry...


None of these women are good wife material unless you enjoy nervous breakdowns suicide or manslaughter
But nobody axed me so I will fuck off
(04-26-2022, 06:54 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]Has she even been on the stand yet?? I haven't really been watching this stuff apart from clips here and there.

She has not, but is expected to "this week", according to several outlets. I'm looking forward to at least seeing subsequent clips. 

I feel pretty close to certain that she has some kind of damning ace up her sleeve. 

Johnny has been close to fucking perfect on the stand, and a lot of the audio speaks for itself, so she'll need that damning ace. 

That was cool to hear about Jennifer Grey. Everyone had a crush on both of them in the 80's, so that's just pure heat for them to be into each other.

And hell yes, he still looks fucking amazing. He looks almost supernatural to my eyes.
She might have something she THINKS is an ace.
(04-27-2022, 12:24 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]She might have something she THINKS is an ace.

It's hard to get a read on her. The way she darts her eyes around and has a kind of mona-lisa smile that looks like an upside-down frown -- not analogously, but literally and creepily -- I don't know what to make of that. She reminds me of Edvard Munch's "The Scream", but with a fleshy face-mask of Elsa (from Frozen) stretched tightly over the head. Her face might as well be a giant question mark. She's either in abject hell and trying to look "okay", or she's got an ace up her sleeve, even if she only thinks it. 

Watching the ace backfire... that's where people are buying Siracha for their popcorn.


not sayin all woman are violent.
but they react the same way as amber does

(04-26-2022, 06:31 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ][video=themtube][/video]

Amber's looking a little thick herself in that screenshot.
She's just not that remarkable.

Johnny Depp is the hot one.

And I hate to say it, but there may be a little bit of bias going on with the entire planet TOWARD Johnny because of his immense beauty.

That ain't happening for Amber.

She thought she was hot shit and that she could hurl bottles at a man in fits of violence and have no repercussions...

Amber thought Johnny was the perfect victim.

But there are consequences and she's seeing them and I hope she loses.
I know I'm taking this OT, but if pretty privilege is a thing...

Johnny Depp would have it in this situation versus Amber, and it doesn't matter who you ask, male or female, especially if the answers were totally anonymous.

I'm done harping on that aspect of things though, it's not pertinent to the situation but it can't be overstated either IMO.
Cuz to women, Johnny Depp is hot, and for dudes, if you asked them whether or not they'd mind waking up as Johnny Depp's fine ass one random day, they probably wouldn't protest that much, I mean it's not a bad hand to be dealt.

But nobody wants to be Amber. For real.
Her body language throughout this entire debacle from deposition to the courtroom has been that of someone who is desperate to convey innocence... and if she really was innocent, that just wouldn't be the case.
Chucking a huge glass bottle at somebody's head sounds like attempted murder if you ask me. Calling it spousal abuse seems like a bit of a downplay.

Who will be Amber's next victim if she gets away with her criminally abusive behavior? That's the question.

She beats on men, she beats on women (as stated by her female ex-friend), no one is safe.

If she's emboldened by winning the case and getting away with this, she will feel invincible and her next victim may have it even worse than Johnny.
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