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Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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Johnny has developed a pronounced ethnic look (despite being mostly English) as he gets older, which isn't really my cup o' tea. But yeah, he's objectively more attractive than Amber.
I was thinking that exact same thing today as I was preparing dinner, so I find it very interesting that you say this...

He looks rather Spanish, to me.

I mean it's hot, but it's uncanny and makes me wonder if they're entirely sure about his lineage lol.
So many synchronicities around a situation with seemingly little importance on the surface...

It's all very curious.
I've discussed the psychic synchronicities I've had with people about the Elon/Johnny/Amber situation on other threads, I guess it's never happened in this thread before now though.


He looks part gypsy and should be sent to camp
(04-27-2022, 08:15 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]He looks rather Spanish, to me.

That's what I thought too. But that's one of the few European bloodlines he doesn't possess.

Maybe his trace amount of West African ancestry has something to do with it.
(04-27-2022, 07:56 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]If she's emboldened by winning the case and getting away with this, she will feel invincible and her next victim may have it even worse than Johnny.

Apparently, Depp's contention is that her article (published by the Washington Post in Dec of 2018), titled "I Spoke Up Against Sexual Violence", took money out of his pocket. What his team is attempting to prove is that he didn't physically and/or sexually abuse Amber, rendering her claims as false and defamatory -- and then whether or not this in fact caused him to lose out on roles (which I think is irrefutable at this point). This is to say that the only reason Depp's legal team is focusing on Amber's potential for domestic abuse, is that often an abuser will accuse the abused of being the abuser, and in particular, if a woman is the abuser and a male is the abused, as evidenced by overwhelming data, and espoused by the psychiatrist who took the stand yesterday. 

I think the far greater risk of emboldening falls societally on women believing it's okay to defame someone in order to prop themselves up in the court of public opinion. If Amber loses and falls out of the good graces of social justice, and Johnny is seen as a victim, and this is a closer reflection of reality then her claims in the article, that will be a good thing.
Great points, Atma...

And the way I've been taking it is that Johnny is just using the article as his clearest way to start the process of getting justice for himself.

Her abuse didn't end after the divorce...

She stayed fixated on him and continued to abuse him even after they should have been legally done with each other.

The article was the perfect opportunity to get what would be a lifelong bully from now on OFF his back.
Because when you leave a narcissistic (BPD) abuser...

YOU'RE the enemy, forever.

They can never forget about the best victim, the one who got away.

Ohhhhhohohohohohohooooooooh maaaaaahahahahahahaaaannnnnnn.
Is it just me or are these video conference trials a liitttttlllleee bit legendary? LMAO!@@@!!!!!!!
(04-27-2022, 11:48 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]Is it just me or are these video conference trials a liitttttlllleee bit legendary? LMAO!@@@!!!!!!!

Although this was filmed far earlier in the trial, I saw it air during today's trial live (along with the jury), and was like... can this get any fucking better? And then remembered Amber hasn't even begun her testimony yet. Good fucking LORD!


Dude I had no idea Johnny Depp was this cool.
I'm shocked.

I had no idea he was this talented.
Wow, I kinda wanna cry.
Good God, how could anybody be so mean to this guy.

This is insane.

He's sooo quiet and calm and...

Timid. I'm not trying to play him down or make him seem like a pussy, that's not what I mean by timid.

Maybe gentle is a better word. And that's not to suggest he can't be wild in all the right places but...

That isn't a violent man. That's not an abusive douche, that's a gentle spirit.
He seems like an honest to God sweetheart of a man.
I don't give a fuck what Amber has on him...

You push even the most timid person way too far and they're gonna act out.

The worst it seems like he'd do is throw insults.

Insults aren't glass bottles...

He's not the aggressor, there's just no way.
Depp looking quietly dapper today. Charcoal gray blazer. Wine colored tie. White dress shirt. Black vest. Dude is just flowing elegant and strong and consistent, like a lovely spring river flowing down the mountain as the spring starts to melt the snow, knowing where it's all going with absolute confidence: the sunny breeze-tickled ocean.
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