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Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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17:02 I cracked up a lot of times during this segment, but this is the best...

The psychologist's thoughts are extremely loud at this point and it's just so funny how totally fucked Amber Heard is...

Her legal team suuuuuucks. But they suck because she's friggen guilty. Although I think her lawyer would suck regardless.
21:00 BAHAHAHAHAHAHA duuuuude, even the judge hates Amber's team... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh maaan. This is hilarious. This is GOOD shit.
I can just hear the thoughts of everyone in the room and NO ONE thinks Amber is innocent. This is just amazing.

I am typically not into this kinda content but I gotta say, it is very entertaining. It's boring in some areas just due to the nature of how absolutely soulless and stagnant the people involved in law usually are. But it's so much more entertaining than trials usually are, I'd bet on that.
21:07 that moment of fucking defeat for Amber's team, the look on the psychologist lady's face... it's gold.
I straight up dislike Amber but I can't watch that.

It's not something she probably ever thought she'd have to deal with.

I mean if she shat the bed and smeared it all in and really did that to spite the fuck out of Johnny...

Johnny being the docile individual he tends to be, sorta innocent-like...

Then think about getting as much of a karmic smack in the face over it as she is.

It's pretty damn stunning, it should be enough to make her take a step back and really think hard about ever being abusive to somebody again.

But I'll tell you what, if anyone could go through all that and still believe they were in the right? It's definitely a BPD fucking narcissist, lmao. I don't think anything can change them.

She battered him. Johnny Depp was a battered husband at the hands of Amber Heard.

Just because you're a man being abused by a woman doesn't mean you're weak...

There are a lot of things that stop male victims of domestic abuse from coming forward.

This is going to bring awareness to the fact that good men (and strong ones too) can be victims of spousal abuse.

We NEED that awareness in the world.

If Johnny Depp, mega hunk and lifelong heart throb, can come forward and seek justice for himself...

Then regular everyday dudes should understand they can change their situations too, and use Johnny's honesty and bravery as inspiration.

Sad Nana
Makes you wonder how many people are going around in their daily lives just like that, pretending everything is okay at home when it really isn't. A whole lot, I'd bet.


Man JD has you peons totally fucking brainwashed... Dude he us a highly unstable drug addict combining benzos opiates and booze ...the triad of death
Amber had to walk on eggshells
Those POTC movies were dogshit
I just learned that Johnny is from Owensboro, KY, but always thought he was from Florida for some reason.

Just checked Wiki, and apparently he spent a large portion of his early life in FL.

According to Joe, after Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide, Johnny paid millions of dollars for his funeral and built a cannon to shoot the writer's ashes into the sky. I'm not a proponent of cremation; something about it feels wrong to me, but that may have been HST's wish, and either way, the fact that Johnny poured that much money and made that much effort to honor the man in a way that was true to his spirit? That is love.

Johnny talks about him and Hunter S. Thompson being from Kentucky. My takeaway is that there are some pretty cool people heralding from KY.
Today's live stream. 

Amber is looking absolutely stately this morning. Dressed to testify. 

HUGE development:

Johnny's lead lawyer just said "Plaintiff rests his case". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was SO casual. And the Judge acted like he was saying his foot itched or something. But he said the words.

They're done.


Done presenting evidence. Done calling people to the stand. Done showing old shit recorded on Zoom.


Team Johnny has fully shot their load. The sac is empty and withered and raisin-like, but somehow tight and tucked 'gainst the proverbial taint.

Now they wait for the other side to present their defense. And of course for the judge and jury to make their assessment.

And now they're all on lunch break, and it couldn't feel more like halftime during a playoff game.

Here comes the second half.
Whatever happens, Johnny already got what he wanted and needed out of this case. If he is awarded the amount being sued for, or even a portion of it, it's just icing on the cake.
Oh my god, she's ruling in Johnny's favor and Johnny is hugging his lawyer. I am overwhelmed.

But wait... she can't complete her ruling because she's missing evidence.

Okay, so there are three claims the defense is asking her to strike. She has refused to strike two of them, which means Johnny is getting his way on two of the three counts. On the third (technically the first of three; so the first) she has said she doesn't have enough evidence, and has asked that they take another break.

But oh my god, it's practically done now. Her wording... her wording was so utterly damning of Amber, yet so professional and to the point.

I will transcribe it here:

"I have reviewed all of the evidence submitted in this matter.
As to the second and third alleged defamatory statements, and the motion to strike at this juncture:
I view the evidence in light to be most favorable to the plaintiff (BOOOOM)
and reasonable inferences from the evidence to the plaintiff" (BOOOOM)

She says something to the effect that if new evidence is submitted to the contrary, then the jury can weigh that, but that
"the jury could weigh that the statements were:
• made by the defendant
• about the plaintiff
• that the statement was published

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