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Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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(05-03-2022, 11:47 AM)Atma Wrote: [ -> ]Oh my god, she's ruling in Johnny's favor and Johnny is hugging his lawyer. I am overwhelmed.

But wait... she can't complete her ruling because she's missing evidence.

Okay, so there are three claims the defense is asking her to strike. She has refused to strike two of them, which means Johnny is getting his way on two of the three counts. On the third (technically the first of three; so the first) she has said she doesn't have enough evidence, and has asked that they take another break.

But oh my god, it's practically done now. Her wording... her wording was so utterly damning of Amber, yet so professional and to the point.

I will transcribe it here:

"I have reviewed all of the evidence submitted in this matter.
As to the second and third alleged defamatory statements, and the motion to strike at this juncture:
I view the evidence in light to be most favorable to the plaintiff (BOOOOM)
and reasonable inferences from the evidence to the plaintiff" (BOOOOM)

She says something to the effect that if new evidence is submitted to the contrary, then the jury can weigh that, but that
"the jury could weigh that the statements were:
• made by the defendant
• about the plaintiff
• that the statement was published

This is a day to celebrate.

Atma you rock, thank you for this transcription.
When this is over, they better give Johnny his Captain Jack Sparrow role back along with a huge apology.
The whole thing about PotC being over is BS, film franchises like that never come to an end or at least they never have to.

Johnny needs some kinda victory role to celebrate after this and I think Captain Jack is his most famous role at least in the 2000s.

I mean he looks so damn fine... put him in SOMETHING.

I saw the first PotC movie and I don't really remember it... maybe I should be supportive of some kinda different role for him to play after this is all over.
Edward Scissorhands is his most famous role of all time...

But there's like...

Nothing you can do with that now...

I don't believe in sequels.

Although the ending definitely left it open for one.

I can't get on board with that.

It's a sacred film and I have no faith in the 2000s to do a sequel justice.
(05-03-2022, 02:03 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]I don't believe in sequels.

It's fine for "regular" movies like PotC, but not for classic films like Edward Scissorhands.

4:20 I mean shit, Russell, it's called psychological and physical abuse. It's pretty cut and dry. Someone is the punching bag and someone is the puncher. In this case, Johnny Depp was the one being abused. It's not a cloudy, murky situation.

5:30 trials are public no matter who the fuck is involved... this kinda stuff goes down every day, and in LOCAL communities where popular people are the subject in the trial, it's a buzz. Everyone there will be talking about it and gossiping about it. That's on a local level. Anybody's trial can be publicly watched and commented on, it's just that these things don't often involve people who are WORLD FAMOUS. It's a numbers game. If enough people knew about Joe Ed Allen down the street and his bitch wife Martha, everyone would be eating popcorn watching their trial. I just think Russell's "fair and unbiased" approach is sort of obnoxious sometimes.

7:15 I think that's a closed minded view of the situation quite frankly. How do you know that all those things can't conjoin, Russell? What if, for Johnny Depp (or Amber) they CAN conjoin?? I doubt that ANYTHING will get through to Amber Heard, but maybe it could. For Johnny Depp though, it could very much be a deeply insightful situation, the whole thing being public, etc. It could all be profound. Why place so much significance on it being televised??

7:50 true, the only problem with clips being televised is the inherent bias in the media... but that has nothing to do with the trial itself.

8:20 domestic violence isn't a "mistake", it's a serious and dangerous problem perpetrated by people who have mental issues and need treatment and they need to face consequences for their behavior. This isn't an "everyone makes mistakes" situation.

9:20 meh, it's pretty clear that Russell's own experience and history as an actor has totally tainted his perception of the entire situation. I'm not interested in Johnny getting justice for the sake of entertainment... I want him to get justice in order to bring awareness to domestic violence against men. I want him as an individual to have justice for what he went through.

Do I have friggen sympathy for Amber? I mean, she probably had a whack childhood... and in that way, yeah, I do. It's sad. But as a grown ass woman who was violent and abusive toward her husband, going so far as to sever his fucking finger?? Uh, no I don't have sympathy for her. I wouldn't have sympathy for anyone who I heard of doing something like that (unprovoked, as the aggressor). She needs mental help, and she needs to have a warning sign stamped on her so that people in the future will know that if they get involved with her, they only have themselves to blame.

10:27 well I certainly agree with what Russell says here.

11:00 it's insights like this where Russell shines and I appreciate him sharing what he learned from his experiences. The fact that he's willing to do that is the reason I'm even subscribed to him.

12:30 yeah it's true, as I said earlier in the thread, the whole trial has humanized these two famous people in the public eye to a point that is kind of unfortunate. It's too bad that reality had to step in and show us that these people are just as fucked up as your average Joe, and especially in the case of Johnny Depp, it's too bad his iconic status had to be humanized. Part of the fun of enjoying movies etc. is that the people who are in them are on a pedestal of otherwordly untouchability.

I like how he has his necklace and mic taped down so they don't rub against each other lol.

0:55 again, part of the novelty of this trial and the whole situation is the dynamic of a WOMAN ABUSING A MAN. That's what is REALLY at the heart of the interest.

2:40 the media's coverage of the situation is total cancer, what's new? I think Russell is missing the real reason why people are interested... it's almost like he's taking the media's spin on it as a reflection of the viewership. The media tries to influence the viewers... not the other way around. The media's spin should not be taken as an accurate gauge of what the people are actually thinking... hello??
(05-03-2022, 02:33 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]0:55 again, part of the novelty of this trial and the whole situation is the dynamic of a WOMAN ABUSING A MAN. That's what is REALLY at the heart of the interest.

I would add the growing power of someone to merely make an accusation and have it be taken by the world as gospel without any thought given to the situation or any research into the situation. 

I don't think the metoo movement is bad in some cases (Weinstein, Cosby), in practice. But people are taking advantage of it (Amber), and it does a lot of harm, both to people who don't deserve it (Depp) and to honest people trying to get their voices "heard" about their own experiences of actual abuse. Amber's effort it pretty sickening, frankly. I wonder if the Judge's ruling will lead to deeper consequences for her.
All Johnny really won today was the allowance of his claims of defamation to continue into the next phase; meaning they were not stricken and the case wasn't then thrown out -- and it very well could have been. It could have all ended this morning, with Johnny getting nothing and ostensibly losing the case. To me, it shows where the mind of the Judge is. Now it's up to team Amber to change her mind, I guess. I'm not going to claim to know a damn thing about litigation, but that's my layman's understanding.

Amber's screwed. I dunno where I heard what I heard in the video, it's so long I am not gonna try and find it, but she's effed.

Her team is so fucking rude, they're even rude to the judge.

Everybody hates them and Amber too.
Here it is...

That's the clip.

She's just plain screwed man.
It's like they're trying to save her the embarrassment of having to tell her side of things because it's just doomed.


Woman should have to take courses in high school about provocation prevention so they understand how to not provoke good men and anyone else really.
Quote:Woman should have to take courses in high school about provocation prevention so they understand how to not provoke good men and anyone else really.

Please don't ever stop sharing your scintillating ideas, guest. 

Brando Eyeroll
I was about to say, you go around spreading ideas like that, Guest, and you might accidentally make the world a better place!?!?!?

I'd be happy if the girls would just take home economics.
Man oh man, they don't teach the kinda stuff in school that they should be teaching.

We need an overhaul of all these systems.

So apparently this lady is the best Amber's got, which is pretty bad. She's basically a hired witness, and she's not great at her job from what I can tell.

At the beginning she's acting like Johnny Depp was a creepy old man. It's like... dude. Yeah, Johnny's like twice your age. But he's ANYTHING besides a "creepy" older guy. He looks better now than he ever has in his life (my opinion), and he's a panty melter no matter how you cut the fucking cards. You CANNOT interpret Johnny Depp as a "creepy old dude", there's no HONEST way to do that.

Then she ends off on the exact opposite note she started off with, totally contradicting the "he was creepy" angle and admitting he courted her like a gentleman but with this mega hot smouldering undertone of totally irresistible charm and... I mean, what the fuck was she trying to do, arouse the jury?

And as far as Amber toward the jury goes, she just freaking STARES AT THEM CONSTANTLY. Like she's ALWAYSSS trying to make eye contact. It's inappropriate. You can look at the jury sometimes, but you're not supposed to just stare them down, it's freaking weird and seems desperate. Like it's an attempt to get inside their heads and manipulate them and just... I dunno, make an inappropriate connection. She's looking at them like, "Believe me. Do you believe me? Please believe me."

Johnny never did any of that when he testified. He'd look at the jury now and then when he was trying explain certain stuff, but he didn't just stare them down all the time. When he did look at them, it seemed respectful and like he was just trying to make himself clear and make sure they could understand the events he was trying to explain.
It almost sounds like she's complaining because he treated her nicely.

It's like she's complaining that he tried to dote on her and buy her nice things and make her feel like she was the apple of his eye.

It's honestly sad and I can't figure how anybody (the jury etc.) is gonna hear that and NOT interpret it like she's legitimately trying to find fault with a man trying to be romantic and chivalrous.

I don't even understand WTF she's trying to accomplish here, if she's trying to make him sound bad, it's really not working at all.
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