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Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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(05-05-2022, 03:32 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]

He's absurdly gorgeous, but I do think he looks even better now, which is why Amber's claims of his "creepy old guy" advances are just so effing ridiculous it's laughable.

Hell, he was 47 when they met... give me a break.

This is what he looked like then...

Hoe, please.

You don't stay looking that good by being an evil shitty person.

I mean just look at George Soros or Bill Gates or any other piece of crap with the means to have longevity and top-notch physical upkeep. Shit, look at a real hollywood creepster, like Harvey Weinstein.

They're gross and scary looking, slovenly, fat. Ew.

You can read a book by its cover.

The only thing that places any question on Johnny re: his appearance is all the tattoos.

Something probably ain't quite right with him, but in no way do I believe Amber's accusations against him.

1:00 lmao they literally cut her off amidst her meandering "flowery speech" (to quote Dr. Curry) and basically say she's bullshitting around instead of answering the damn question.

Sounds like on this particular flight, Amber was goading Johnny so hard that he started howling in mental and emotional pain. It must be so hard for him to sit there and have to relive all this trauma. It's so sad.

It's typical narcissistic behavior, push and prod someone until they have a mental breakdown and then act like THEY'RE the crazy one. She pushed him into a breakdown and then pulled out the recording device when peak upset had been reached in him.

He was literally having a panic attack.

1:26 she goes on to basically say that she wanted this recording of his breakdown so that she could play it for him again the next time she engaged him in a fight. It's such a hardcore case of emotional/psychological abuse, it's really hard to watch. It's very upsetting. She's sick in the head man.

1:50 "I'll sustain the objection"... in that moment, Amber knows she's fucked for sure. It hits her like a ton of bricks, and notice her body language, she adjusts her jacket and tries to compose herself and deal with those emotions. She just absolutely knows she's screwed. Judge ain't buying it, jury ain't buying it... in fact at this point I think it's safe to say that almost everyone in that room is disgusted that this is just an extension of Amber's abuse toward Johnny, a final run before it's over for good.

3:09 oh my God this is so sad. It makes my stomach turn. Those sounds Johnny is making are hallmark of an abused child who tries to hear his own voice just to know he's still real and that he still exists. It's like a primordial roar of pure emotion, like in the days before modern language existed, I've discussed this before:

3:15 he's trying so hard to soothe himself and it's a way to fight back against the aggression, but without actually acting out in a physical way. All I've seen in this case so far is nothing but evidence that Johnny basically never reacts to abuse with any physical force, and this is the same way he handled things when he was a kid. He just goes quiet, endures the pain, then tries to escape the area. In these clips, HE'S ON A PLANE though. He CAN'T escape from her, which is why he had this mental breakdown and ultimately locked himself in the bathroom. It was the only way he could escape her. She probably LOVED these instances of being on a plane where he couldn't get away. It's honestly heartbreaking.

3:20 look at her shaking her head as if it's disgraceful behavior from him or something. What a cruel psycho. Does she really see it that way?? My God, it's horrifying to think that she may truly not even see what she did wrong. Literally, it's a recording of Johnny trying to release this emotional pain with these mournful, nonsensical sounds, trying to keep her away from him, trying to keep EVERYONE away from him, trying to GROUND himself and make himself feel secure, trying to get the pain out somehow. It's so fucking sad.

3:28 he's fucking tortured and tormented in this moment. It's like he's having a feverish bad dream, he's moaning in agony saying "No, no"... it's absolutely upsetting.

3:38 it's a situation of him being in essentially a public place, getting berated by his abuser, then finally having enough of it, NOT being able to escape, and trying to cope in any way he can. If he was drunk, he was absolutely driven to it with no other choice. Fucking hell... I don't know anybody who wouldn't wanna take the edge off in a situation like that. And if he gets drunk and passes out, my God, at least he'll be unconscious. It's called ESCAPE.

I hope that Johnny enjoys a good and peaceful long life after this is over, and that he never falls prey to someone like Amber Heard again.

From the comments...

Quote:Amber just LIED on the stand!!! She said the police were called MANY times!
Her attorney immediately called for a lunch break - BUSTED!

Yeesh. That is bad. And cross examination will just uncover more and more lies... she's in a bad spot.

Does Amber fucking hate her dad or something?? She's just burning every single bridge there is. So bad.

This song came to mind...

But back to the court video...

0:28 dude effing heck, SHE IS SO HARD TO LISTEN TO. She's always talking about her freaking FEELINGS. She just loses the concentration of EVERYONE when she does this, and she can feel it.

Listen to her spin this story like the prenup situation WASN'T about her being a gold digger, Holy SHIT!!! Dude. The jury must legitimately hate this woman. It's fucking mortifying.

1:40 man her acting is a fucking crime here. Lmao. It's like she thinks she's doing a courtroom scene in a B movie or something.

2:19 somebody in the comments makes a great point...

Quote:Abusers do not put your friends and family to live next door to you. They isolate you from everyone, so you don't have support system or witnesses. This lady is a total psycho.

If anything, it just shows that Amber has always been desperate to keep her energy sources close to her.

4:40 so basically Johnny was spending the time bonding with Amber's dad and trying to be friends. That's all I hear out of this.

5:20 I can't see through all the smoke from that burnt bridge though. Ouch ouch ouch. Amber you just did not have to say that. You really didn't have to say that.

I dunno her life history but it's very clear there isn't a single man in her life that she respects... not even her own father. This sucks.

5:55 the betrayal is just horrible.
The number of times her own lawyer steers her into "how to answer the question" .... I mean... it has to be fucking MADDENING for them, because it makes it look like they've done nothing to prepare her for the moment whatsoever, but you just KNOW that they have.

1:10 I appreciate that they keep objecting whenever she's been confusedly rambling on about nothing for too long.

1:36 finally they're calling out all the "feelings" and "emotions" for what they are... just freaking obnoxious obfuscatory bullshit. But if it weren't for her detailing all her totally warped perceptions and feelings, there would be nothing for her to talk about.

3:30 why would this be a part where you even cry?? For real. I don't get it. She's so dramatic and it makes no sense. It's like she's just trying to look and sound as pitiful as she possibly can.

4:16 look how triggered she gets that Johnny is over there looking unfazed. It crawls all over her. Apparently early on Johnny swore never to let her make eye contact with him again and to never react to her prodding. People are saying that's why he's not looking at her. It's the right choice... he's protecting himself from her abuse to the best of his abilities in this extremely sensitive situation.

6:26 it really bothers him when she mentions his sister. I heard she mentioned his daughter too at one point and everyone roasted her nuts about it, I dunno, I didn't hear that clip and it's not like I'm gonna go looking for it. It's just totally offensive to start bringing people's family into things, but as we just saw, Amber's got no sense. She threw her own dad under the bus. It's called a total lack of empathy, and it's a hallmark trait of narcissism and other personality disorders.

8:20 maybe it's because she kept him up and exhausted him with constant arguments. Narcissistic abusers love to sleep deprive their victims.

8:30 he constantly smoked to self-soothe and he probably took pain killers and drank alcohol for all the same reasons. She talks about him smoking like it's a damning and reprehensible inherently abusive activity or something.

9:40 remember how I mentioned above that Johnny's behavior on that plane trip audio was like he was having a feverish nightmare? Well she literally says right here that he was so upset and emotionally distraught that he would wake up crying... and all the while she's still trying to paint HERSELF as the victim. It's absolutely deplorable.

10:40 soooo like... is all this pain med use around the same time that she SEVERED HIS FUCKING FINGER AND PUT A CIGARETTE OUT ON HIS FACE, JUST CURIOUS?????

10:50 lol look at him, he's just like, "Damn this chick is just too much."

11:00 nah Amber, my guess is that he was taking a lot so that he could endure your fucking abuse, just like he did when he was a kid and started taking the medication to deal with the abuse from his mother.

11:15 what's agonizing is looking at your overly dramatic facial expressions while you talk, God man I dunno how much more of this shit I can watch today.

11:50 it's so creepy how she was just going around taking photos of him while he slept. He doesn't lash out.. he tries to disappear. That's how he's always reacted to abuse.
I can't bear to watch that "howl" video. I can't believe he's being subjected to this. It's unreal. I guess it's just more of that "life isn't fair" shit that we all live and die with. Maybe that's why I want him to win so bad. Just to know it's fucking POSSIBLE, man.
(05-05-2022, 08:04 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]3:30 why would this be a part where you even cry?? For real. I don't get it. She's so dramatic and it makes no sense. It's like she's just trying to look and sound as pitiful as she possibly can.

When a woman really cries from pure emotion, I can feel it in my soul. I am not impervious to it; rather, I am moved. But when a woman fakes crying, it feels like something sick and weird and it's awful to behold, and it annoys me deeply.

But THIS shit!?!?  

THIS  fucking shit?????

It's like... you know how on a hot summer night you'll get a mosquito whining in your ear like a tiny tea kettle, and you can't see it or find it, and it keeps waking you up, until an hour later when it starts to become like torture? This is that without the buildup; it's already there right out of the gate. It's fucking sonic torture to listen to it. I can't fucking even begin to fathom what Johnny went through. As much as we've heard, you just know we haven't heard jack SHIT compared to what he was going through live, in the moment. Fuck.
She was an ACTUAL NIGHTMARE to be with.

Look how manipulative she's been on the stand.

This is a hugely public situation and she's still utilizing all her same tactics...

She must have been absolutely relentless in private. Johnny is her dream victim because of how he shuts down and just takes the abuse.
Have you ever noticed how she says "I just remember," like A LOT. The lead in alone is just so dramatic, it automatically makes you dread whatever she's gonna say because you KNOW she's about to go right into the ugly faces and fake crying again.
I jUsT rEmEmBeR.... 


Dowager Countess

Judge Judy Facepalm

Brando Eyeroll

From the comments...

Quote: There's so many things she's said that totally conflict with things she's previously stated under oath… Johnny's team are going to invalidate her whole testimony. She stated she "grew up on Johny's films" before, this trial she's stated that she "wasn’t familiar with his work"

It's a great point and yesterday I was gonna mention how ridiculous it was that she claimed she wasn't familiar with his movies when she met him. Like who the fuck isn't familiar with his movies? He was EVERYWHERRRRREEEEE in the early '90s when she was growing up, I saw the movies, you saw the movies, she saw the movies, everybody saw the fucking movies. It's such a ridiculous assertion.

Other interesting comments left on the video...

Quote:Cross examination just needs to prove one time where she has lied in the testimony and the whole validity of it will go out the window. They have many many to choose to concentrate on.

Quote:It's bad when the judge, who so desperately wanted to believe AH, is now rolling her eyes at this performance.

Quote: It's funny how at the very end when she was going to leave and got off the stand then freaked out and was "afraid" of him when she saw Johnny and had to wait for the officer to "escort" her. As via audio recordings when admitted to hitting Johnny and starting physical fights then called him a baby and to "grow tf up" she never sounded afraid of him.

Just an attempt for her to get his attention in the courtroom... fail, bitch.

I'm just gonna say it right now... Amber comes off as a totally privileged, totally unrelatable rich-bitch and nobody likes it.

3:08 it's at this point I realize that Amber is 100% going to have a mental fucking breakdown during cross examination. It would be a miracle if she didn't, and I just don't see her being able to take it.

6:20 shit dude, it sounds to me like he'd have every reason to believe she WAS gonna sleep with the guy. Why wouldn't she? How else do people think she got an acting career in the first place? She's probably a well known ho in the inner circles. She banged James Franco, she banged Elon, and those are just the ones she HAS to publicly admit to because there was footage showing them together.

6:50 it's just like yesterday... there hasn't been a single second of her on the stand where she seemed to be genuine and WASN'T acting.

9:13 she "wanted to get to that part of him" that would tell her what she wanted to hear. This is just a stand-alone example of the way she sees things and her tactics. Prodding and goading somebody until they break down and just claim all responsibility for BEING ABUSED *BY* HER.

That's what the whole stupid "monster" thing is about... she developed this narrative with him after breaking him down with her abuse, basically telling him that HE was the problem, that HE'S got a monster, that HE'S got a demon. And he'd go along with it to make the argument stop or to take responsibility hoping that it would end the fight.

9:26 her facial expressions alone have gotta be enough to make the jury just cringe and completely disbelieve everything she's about to say... as well as everything she's already said.

9:45 so she doesn't remember THE FIGHT ITSELF or any physical violence that she suggests happened, but can't REMEMBER. All she has to talk about on the stand is shit afterward which could be totally fabricated and sounds like a bunch of "feelings" crap again.

9:55 "Christmases are hard for everyone"... um, what? The fuck does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

Dude Amber Heard has NOTHINGGGGG.

10:58 there's the foxy brunette again.

11:15 just look at this message he sent her. He sounds sooo romantic and reasonable... God, man. He deserved so much better than her. What an absolute shame. Her reply to him was kinda weird... just seems like she's trying to train him as if he's an effing dog or something.

14:15 another message from Johnny. It looks like he's explaining (in a VERY friendly and sadly apologetic way) that how ever he responded was only AFTER she totally pushed him to the edge. He even admits in the message WHAT I FUCKING SAID ABOVE, OH MY GOD. "I don't want to be conditioned to continue that behavior." WOW. And I wasn't even going to say the part about training him like a dog, I almost didn't type it because it was just this almost intuitive kinda feeling I had about it, and after hearing Amber ramble on and on about her fucking feelings, I didn't even wanna MENTION mine, LMAO!!! But wow. I'm glad I went with my gut and typed that out cuz I cannot even believe what I'm reading right now. She was trying to train him like a dog.

OMG reading on he even admits the "nightmare" angle again. THIS IS CRAZY. I dunno why I ever fucking doubt my own insights... what I've been saying is literally here in Johnny Depp's own fucking written words, WOWWWW.

And all the while with these messages, he's being so nice... he's going so far above and beyond. And if you notice, she hardly ever says anything of substance in response.

All he's mentioned in this line of conversation is "insults"... there's no indicator of anything more.

God... reading these messages from him make me so jealous. She was so lucky to have this absolute fucking dreamboat of a man. My God. What a missed opportunity to have a great life with a man any woman would just die to have. And to think of the jury reading this? THEY'RE ALL PINING. I FUCKING GUARANTEE IT. I guarantee it.

15:30 look at that, she literally responds to him with like two lines. Almost no effort whatsoever on her part. Like, at all. Her responses are basically meaningless. She's saying AS LITTLE AS SHE POSSIBLY CAN just to keep him on the line. She probably didn't even mean what she said. Those pissweak two lines of response. What the actual fuck.

15:50 look at the message from him at 6:23:44PM... he goes above and beyond to be nice, encouraging, supportive. And the next response from her is just asking him to bring her meds like he's her fucking slave and pull over on the side of the road to deliver them to her like he's her little bitch.

16:11 so they've presented these ridiculously sweet, complete and total PANTY MELTING MESSAGES as evidence of... what exactly? Okay jury, now that your knickers are all wet and you're fantasizing about how great it would have been to be in Amber's situation and have Johnny Depp as your man... REMEMBER, HE'S THE BAD GUY OKAY?!??@?!!?!

How is anyone supposed to take this seriously??

16:40 so all we have are super friendly and loving messages from Johnny writing paragraphs about how much he loves her, and her replying with basically nothing... and then her explaining what the events were that took place before them with absolutely no evidence of those events having been of a physically abusive nature toward her? Got it. So there's nothing. Got it.

17:17 she doesn't remember WHERE the bruise WAS?? Are you fucking KIDDING ME?!?!!!!!!??! You would ABSOLUTELY remember where the fucking bruise was. She remembers dirty carpet, but she doesn't remember where a bruise was on her own fucking body??? If you had been abused and BRUISED by your significant other, you would NEVER be able to shake the memory of that part of your body having been injured by them. Literally years later you may still remember it and think about it when you even SEE that (now totally healed) part of your body. This is absolute bullshit.

And by claiming there were people who saw the bruise? WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE? Cuz all we've heard is one witness after another testifying that they NEVER saw any bruises or ANY OTHER signs of abuse on her body, EVER.

0:46 SHE ACTUALLY SAID, "I said something snotty to him, to provoke him," and she fucks up but she corrects herself (no save though)... "I said something snotty to him to -- that provoked him." And literally it sounds like somebody drops a cup or something right after she said it. It was such a huge glaring fuck up and (subconscious?) admission of HER OWN TACTICS AND BEHAVIORS that it sent a shockwave through the room, LMAO!!!

She said it like she doesn't even realize what she just admitted to. She admitted that she was always trying to provoke him by being "snotty" in her words, but any normal person would probably classify her aggression as totally abusive if they'd been in the room with the both of them.

1:23 it's like she's critiquing his inability to properly beat somebody. 1:30 what is she, a professional fighter or some shit?? What's with the analysis of his fighting technique and roasting his nuts over sucking at it?! Lmao!!!!!!!! I'm not saying I believe her, I'm saying how BIZARRE is this absolutely WEIRD analysis of the situation, be it true or fabricated???

It almost seems like they coached her on this segment and she TOTALLY missed the point, she like TOTALLY missed the boat. What the eff!?!?!?!

3:30 dude, you wouldn't be thinking you wanted to marry him right after that happened, you'd be thinking, "Oh my God, how can I prepare a strategy to safely exit this situation with my life intact??"

3:38 lmao it's hilarious when her bad acting gets interrupted.


Anyone who's seen survivors of abuse talk about the things they suffered knows that they basically never act this way. I've seen people recount TRULY FUCKING HARROWING acts of abuse that were perpetrated on them, like on videos from The Soft White Underbelly for example, and they are absolutely nothing like this.

4:30 why would it be hard to understand, Amber? Cuz you're talking to a jury full of common people who aren't special super important actors and stuff?? Oh like yeah, it's SOOOOOO hard to understand cuz it's 100% for sure that NO ONE on the jury could have ever been in an ACTUAL abusive relationship of any kind before. She's so fucking condescending.

Truly obnoxious. I wonder when this trial's gonna be over. There is no reason for it to go on for much longer, the truth is crystal clear. She's a psychotic manipulator who needs very serious mental help.
(05-05-2022, 08:58 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]Other interesting comments left on the video...

Quote:It's funny how at the very end when she was going to leave and got off the stand then freaked out and was "afraid" of him when she saw Johnny and had to wait for the officer to "escort" her. As via audio recordings when admitted to hitting Johnny and starting physical fights then called him a baby and to "grow tf up" she never sounded afraid of him.

Just an attempt for her to get his attention in the courtroom... fail, bitch.

(05-05-2022, 09:39 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]LISTEN TO HOW PURPOSEFULLY WORKED UP SHE IS. Amber, my God, THIS IS NOT A MOVIE. You're in a COURT OF LAW.

Fellow-Actor's 'Perspective' on Amber Heard Testimony Goes Viral (
Oh, NICE link Atma.

I was actually gonna say on one of my other posts that it'd be cool if an acting teacher critiqued Amber's performance in the court!!!
(05-05-2022, 09:46 PM)Atma Wrote: [ -> ]Fellow-Actor's 'Perspective' on Amber Heard Testimony Goes Viral (

Quote:"As actors, it's our jobs to study human behavior, to really nail down the tiny little moments, details, movements, physicalities that really make authentic moments real."

"What I saw today was like a massive performance to the jury: 'Do you believe me?'" Bull said. "Now, of course, every human being is different, everybody is going to have a different way to express their emotion."

"But knowing that she has a performer background, to see her being so big and seeing that she's trying to get eye contact with every juror... I don't know about you, but anytime I recall trauma, I am not trying to see if every person is making eye contact with me."


I literally want to vomit that this video is an hour long and I should be watching Gunsmoke right now, but I'm watching this instead. Where is Amber's fantasy version of Johnny Depp when a girl needs a good smackdown to get her priorities straight?! OooOoo, daddy!!!

I digress. I'll try to analyze a little bit, but I can't fathom watching this whole fucking thing because honest to God I think every single person alive has better things to do... the jury needs to be monetarily reimbursed for the time they lost listening to this lying bitch on the stand. Anyway.

6:18 "It looked so easy for him to throw me around," she says this like it's something she watched somewhere, or that she's imagined it and recounting from her imagination of the scenario what it may have looked like.

6:20 way too many little details in all of this. Ridiculous. The hell is she gonna say next? "Twas a DAHK and STOHHHMY NIGHT. The sound of thunderous DOOM rippled though the air, carried in static shocks like tiny needles piercing my TOHMENTED AND DISH-HEVELED SANCTUM!!!!!! *lightning effects*"

6:30 "beautiful wooden floor"... literally. LITERALLY. LITTTERRRRALLLYYYYY. These are the words she's saying. THESE ARE THE WORDS SHE'S SAYING.

I'm watching this bullshit on 2x speed.

7:03 again, he takes his glasses off. He takes them off when she's saying THE MOST DAMNING SHIT (she thinks). If he was AFRAID of what she was saying because he's GUILTY, he'd LEAVE the fucking glasses ON as another line of defense. He's not doing that shit on purpose.

At least inside of himself, he has no fear over this. He's not afraid of appearing guilty, or being declared as the loser. And that says a lot.

Unlike Amber, who has acted for EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SECOND of this trial, I don't think I ever felt as if Johnny was acting or being disingenuous even once. I don't remember ever feeling that way when I was watching him.

From the comments...

Quote:she NEVER explained HOW he cut his finger off. you know why? because there is audio evidence of her freaking out that she did it and the dead body guard (Jerry Judge) trying to calm her down. I would think that will come up during cross examination.

Quote: I think it's weird how she can remember going up and down stairs, turning corners, rooms, and other pointless details, yet she can't recall important things...

Damn right.

Quote:She forgot the part of the story her attorney was trying to lead her to say: Supposedly, how many pills he took verses what was still in the bag that she had just said she counted so she tried to dodge the question because she was afraid of being caught saying something that was against what was already in the record by saying "they had a conversation about how many he took" which wasn't the question but she had forgotten what she and her attorney had practiced.

That comment is referencing 10:45 in the video. 11:50 check out Johnny and his lawyer's response to each other about how hard she fucked that up.

12:10 again, Amber starts talking about his sister and look at how his eyes raise. He hates it when she talks about his sister. I wouldn't be surprised if they interrupt her while she's trying to make this point. I figure at some point in time, Amber must have been abusive to her as well. It reminds me of how Johnny cared for his mother til her dying day even though she'd hurt him so bad when he was a kid. Johnny goes above and beyond for his family.

12:27 there's the interrupt.

12:38 another mention of his sister and another eye raise from Johnny.

12:50 BAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT DID I SAY?!??!?!!? WHAT DID I FUCKING SAAAAAAYYYYY!?!?!?!?!!! Christi is his sister. Amber is saying here that she basically treated her like absolute dogshit too, just like I fucking suspected above.

Now listen... if *I* can see through this shit? You had better fucking believe the jury can see through it.

12:55 look at his uncomfortable body language as Amber is on the stand lying about having ever been confrontational with his sister. She's a fricken monster, God only knows what she said/did to that woman.

13:10 he looks like he's fighting off becoming physically ill remembering whatever transgressions were done against his sister.

13:17 Amber is like a 15 year old.

13:30 this is so weird... why is she concerned with WHY he was calling these people who are probably his friends at the end of the day?? She interpreted the conversation was about money and getting ripped off... she's just projecting again. To her, everything is about money (status, power, position).

19:59 damn, this may just be the only true thing she's said so far.

20:15 the jury's like "Naaah, actually, we kiiiinda agree with them."

20:33 God I bet Johnny would be so good in bed.

21:16 you can tell it's hard for him to listen to this bullshit.

22:26 it's really pissing him off. Meanwhile I find myself aroused. I kiiinda wanna fuck Johnny Depp, I'm not gonna lie. I've never been into him "like that" save for a brief time after "Secret Window" (2004) came out and I had a bunch of sexual fantasies around him for some reason. I legit honest to God can't even remember what the eff the movie was about now. I JUST REMEMBER that he seemed like my kinda guy... *dancing banana*

22:30 he knows he's been moving around too much and he's gotta get a grip.

22:48 I can tell that sexy brunette behind him is aroused too.


23:17 I dunno, does she even realize she's GONNA be cross examined?

23:20 legitimately the worst acting I've ever seen in my entire fucking life, I shit you not.

There is NO way she got into movies WITHOUT screwing her way into them.

23:50 he looks like he's tired in the soul.

23:53 the way he reacts to it betrays his thoughts... he thinks that what he's hearing is absurd and totally unbelievable. It's like he's never heard it before, much less was it an experience that he actually had.

24:36 this is the part where she says she DOESN'T REMEMBER if she "threw anything in his direction".

25:10 check out the look on his lawyer's face, it's just total disgust.

25:38 if he's standing "off to the left" that means there's a space for her to escape through. It's very unlikely if he had actually been attacking her that he would have been standing to either direction more than the other, he would make sure he's blocking her way with his body. Doesn't make sense.

25:23 it's really insulting because at this point you can tell she's literally recounting what SHE did to HIM. And if you look at Johnny's body language during this segment, that's what he's thinking too. Not only is it traumatic to remember, but it's also fucking infuriating that she's claiming it actually happened to her.

25:50 as soon as she says that, you see his face shift like HE'S remembering it happening to HIM. And watch as his lawyer's talking to him, most likely about the fact that she's recounting what she actually did to him, and how totally fucking crazy it is. The shit is WILD.

26:25 the look on his face right now is just pure and utter feelings of betrayal and disbelief. Like he can't believe how nutso she is, he can't believe he ever loved her like he did, he's confused about how it ever seemed like SHE loved HIM, because how could she have loved him if she did those things to him?

26:45 this is sounding like a scene out of a badly written BDSM smut novel at this point. I might have to rub one off to this later!!!

27:00 you can tell he's sooo fricken disturbed right now. I don't blame him. It must all be very shocking.

27:35 so where the fuck are all the photos of the ripped gown and the bruises and even abrasions that would have been sustained if this had ACTUALLY happened? Cuz you KNOW she'd have taken pics and she would have had to seek some medical treatment if this shit had really happened. She would have been thoroughly documenting things at this point... no way she wouldn't have.

28:04 God it just seems so fake, I can't get over it.


28:30 ahahaha oh man, I'm expecting an interrupt any second now because this is just getting ridiculous.

28:40 OMG, so fake. Breaking into pieces huh? Pics?

29:18 "It felt like he was on top of me and I'm looking into his eyes"... IT *FELT* LIKE HE WAS ON TOP OF YOU!!!????

29:36 I'm gonna hand it to her, THAT part sounds true. I ain't gonna BS. If I hear something that I think has legitimacy to it on any level, I'm gonna say so.

29:40 Johnny on the other hand doesn't look convinced at all, and he's not that good of an actor. For real. Like he's really not. He's more of an eccentric character, like even IRL... that's true about some of the best "actors" out there. They're just being themselves, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Half of "good acting" is directing and editing anyway.

29:50 somehow this has ended up feeling totally fake again on her part. Whatever thread of truth she was grasping onto there has been lost. Not detectable anymore. Now she's just being effing ridiculous again, and it's dragged a big smelly herring across the tracks of what she said before.

30:00 WHERE. ARE. THE. PICS. Where is the medical history that proves she sustained any injuries? Because she WOULD have. We have pics and medical evidence for Johnny's claims... where are hers??

30:25 oh my God, please. Honestly, please just stop. For real. Everyone is grimacing right now, and it's not because they believe you.

30:34 it's like that one commenter said... she's expecting them to tell her she can stop now, and at 30:36 she looks up for approval to see if anyone's gonna tell her she can stop or leave or something. Looks like nobody's going to say anything.

30:45 she's trying hard to get out of it.

Somebody needs to clip that entire segment because it really was just totally epic. Nobody's ever gonna hire her for a serious project again... stick a fork in her career, cuz that shit is donnnneeeee.

30:44 Johnny's got this vaguely sympathetic look on his face but it's overshadowed by the same thing everyone else is thinking... "K, u done tho?"

30:54 it's kind of embarrassing cuz nobody's biting... she's like, not gonna get out of it. They're all just sort of anxiously waiting for her little fit to pass so this whole thing can proceed. This was by far her worst moment, and it was supposed to be the most damning moment FOR HIM, but... instead, it's a moment of peak fatigue for every poor soul involved, lmao =\

31:00 it's almost like he's holding back a laugh. Cuz I mean, think about it. HE WAS THERE. If this isn't true... then imagine what it would be like to sit there and listen to her say it?? Shit, THIS is traumatizing. For real.

31:14 my guess is she doesn't know how it ended because she just made it up... *shrug*

31:18 I mean... dude. She's talking about something that SUPPOSEDLY happened, YEARS ago. But the way she's acting is like she's putting herself in the MOMENT, so that she CAN react "properly" while she's telling the story. It's just rank with putrid deceit on every level.

Are there any legal repercussions if she's lying?? Cuz if there are, I feel like she's in real danger of experiencing those.

31:20 people keep saying she's "crying" but there are no tears whatsoever, and I can see that's true. She's at her most worked up and her face appears to be totally dry. She's certainly no Jimmy Swaggart.

31:58 you THOUGHT he was punching you?? PRETTY SURE YOU'D FUCKING KNOW. Why does she say shit like this??? Was she instructed to use that specific language by her team??

32:17 Johnny's facial expressions and his eyes, etc. look like he has compassion for her, but not as if HE did anything wrong... it's almost like he's listening to her recount a story of something that SOMEONE ELSE did to her. I hope that makes sense. Like he's feeling emotion over the situation in the same way you would whilst watching a movie. It's like he's reacting in an emotional way as if she's telling a story about something that SOMEONE BESIDES HIM did to her. Like he's feeling compassion/concern for her in the same way that he would if he loved her, and she was telling him about something that another ex of hers did to her. That's how it seems.

32:28 her PUBIC BONE? Wow, I wish she'd straighten up and cut out the crying and talk normally so I could fantasize about Johnny Depp taking me by force in a drunken lustful rage, but she's totally ruining the moment.

32:46 she looks like she's about to make herself hurl... somebody get her a barf bag. Was her eating disorder history anorexia or bulimia? She seems comfortable/familiar with causing herself to vomit. Sorry if that sounds harsh. I'm trying to look it up, but no sources clarify whether she was on medical record with anorexia or bulimia... I guess it was simply referred to as an "eating disorder" and that was all.

33:00 so I don't get it. Is she saying he was punching her in the dick or that he was fisting her vagene? Like what was he doing? Do I need to get the popcorn? Should I have already had the popcorn?

33:30 I am just going to reiterate... out of the HUNDREDS of stories I've heard of REAL people (i.e., not actors) in interviews recounting graphic, heinous acts of violence (much worse than what Amber's talking about) perpetrated on them, NONE of them have acted this way. If they were crying during their recollections, they weren't animated with it, they weren't hyperventilating, they weren't stressing their facial expressions.

Most people quietly, calmly recollect such events. Even people who afterward admit to having NEVER discussed it before were NOT acting the way she does... they weren't practically heaving, they weren't unable to get their words out, they weren't scanning around for approval. I'd say if anything, they were more glazed over and lacked motion/movement as they spoke about the details of their violent attacks and the acts of abuse they endured. Remembering trauma practically paralyses you.

I've seen a lot of people in the comments sections saying that they're survivors of violent attacks, domestic assault, sexual abuse, etc., and that they simply do not believe Amber's testimony.

33:50 ah okay, so she's saying that he's violating her poonany with a bottle. I get it. Well that's arguably less sexy than using his dick or his hand, but let's try to work with it.

33:56 check out how he raises his eyes/brow when she said she didn't feel pain. He had an interesting reaction to that... thoughts something along the lines of it just not being realistic, or perhaps thoughts that what she's saying very much mimics what he said on the stand about the moments after his finger was severed. It's very interesting... many have been noting that Amber seems to copy and mirror Johnny throughout the trial, even down to the outfits worn. Isn't mimicry a symptom associated with BPD?

34:20 dude, if Amber is making this shit up... like, God save her soul for real cuz she's totally gonna burn in hell. I mean, dude. DUUUUUDE. Honest to God? For the sake of her FREAKING SOUL????? I hope she IS telling the truth. Because for her to sit there and make shit up or just tell a false recount of events... she's legitimately traumatizing everyone in the courtroom. And people watching, too.

34:38 the look on Johnny's face is just like, wow... total disbelief and shock and sickness and absolutely EVERY bad emotion there is, all wrapped into one. But I have not sensed guilt (as in admission to his own self, his own memory, or otherwise) from him at any point in time whatsoever. I haven't seen him even once look as if he had anything to worry about or as if any of the things being said were actually true. And I would absolutely call it out if I had.

34:47 I told you she has experience with induced vomiting. I'd bet my favorite copper coin that her ED history is bulimia. Here's the actual document which references the "eating disorder"... That's all it says though.

36:26 so now she's just like... laughing and shit?? Okay then.

So she recounts this whole violent bottle rape incident and conveniently she goes off and takes some sleeping pills and therefore dodges her way out of having to address the point in time which she effectively severed Johnny's finger.

36:30 I imagine he's saying something along the lines of "That sucked."

36:45 now, I have a SERIOUS problem with Marilyn Manson. And I mean SERIOUS. Watch these (3) videos for the details, and it's not for the faint of heart. It's harder to listen to than the shit we just heard out of Amber. The implications are horrifying. Long story short? Allegedly, and I cringe to have to use the word because I absolutely believe it... since the 90s, Manson has had filmed at least one instance where he sexually assaulted a fan, and has been playing the tape to new victims during his sexual assaults ever since.

38:30 sounds to me like she could have gotten the fuck out of there and he would have never noticed. Sooo... she wakes up after an incident like that and just goes ahead and (potentially) walks right back into the same kind of situation? Makes no sense. This is not a woman with children tying her down. This is not a woman with economic hardship. Most of the reasons that cause people to stay in abusive relationships are absent in her case.

All I know is that if I had been violently assaulted that way, the LAST fucking thing I'd do with all the inevitable adrenaline that would going through my system would be to take "a bunch" of sleeping pills and call it a night. I might get away from the situation under the guise of going to bed (which she was obviously able to, explain that one?) and I would have gone right out the door (naked or not) and ran to the nearest neighbor or any other person I could find and it would have been over right then and there.

39:40 there are A LOT of things wrong with her side of the story.

40:27 you can actually see what Johnny says right here... he goes, "Wow." Pretty telling. If things had happened the way she said, this absolutely would not have been his response.

40:50 "Even though there was lots of paint brushes around"... IT'S SHIT LIKE THIS that she says which just make absolutely nooooo fucking sense whatsoever. It's needless, bizarre detail that just makes absolutely no fucking sense. As if any part of the story was rational in ANY WAY, including her even walking back in there... NOW she's trying to inject rationality into this?? Is it a joke??

41:17 so in her little alternate universe, at what point was the rest of his finger taken for preservation until it could be reattached? Because if his finger stump is just laying on the floor somewhere rotting, I assure you that he would not be sitting there with it sewn back onto his hand right now. Her recounting of the story completely leaves out an absolutely necessary component... the reality of what ACTUALLY happened to the rest of his finger after these events took place.

It matters...

Quote:Replantation is generally not possible for fingers that have been separated from the body for more than 12 hours. In cases where the injury is farther into the hand or arm, the time to reattachment is even shorter, as surgeons must reattach muscle tissue within 6 hours from the time of injury.

If she took 2 sleeping pills, which she admitted was a lot for her, then my guess is that she must have slept for quite a long time.

42:55 which said security testified ON THE STAND that this NEVER HAPPENED. So she's calling them all liars.

43:35 sounds made up.

47:55 even the cough was super dramatized.

48:37 dude she's seriously bad at this. She gives away some of the coaching they went through right there, terrible client.

49:00 SPINACH? Oh dear God... SHE CAN'T EVEN COOK. SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT HERBS. This is the worst thing I've heard so far.

She's gonna be totally disgraced after this. Like... honestly. It's... bad.

51:30 man, AGAIN I ASK... where THE HELL are the pictures of this? If there are pictures, then why are they not presenting them? Who in their right mind wouldn't take photos of these things? I'd have photos of EVERYTHING. This wasn't the 1950s. It was the 2010s. Cameras are EVERYWHERE. She could have had somebody go out and get her a brand new phone. She could have had somebody go out and get her a camera, or go out to get it herself. SHE HAD A PHONE. What did she just go three days without her phone? Where's the damn fucking phone? Where are the PICTURES?

51:40 dude I mean, if Johnny Depp was THAT FUCKING CRAZY... there would be WITNESSES. There would be AT LEAST a handful of people from his past who would be coming forward lending some kind of credence to this. They would at least be doing it anonymously. Blind items. ANYTHING. Where are the people in his past who will attest to seeing this sort of behavior out of him before??

51:55 it's always an "ugly" color... "ugly navy blue brown color" (is that even a thing?), "ugly brown color", everything has some kind of descriptor put on it.

52:50 oh she remembers him saying stuff now, huh? She can't remember all this different crap, but now she remembers him saying something while he was bottle raping her? What the fuck man?

53:00 why the hell did she not recount this part WHILE she was telling the story? Why did her defense have to ask her this question? How could she forget to tell us that while she was recounting the event?

53:20 you can tell Johnny shifts around uncomfortably from the thought of her bleeding from the vagina after the alleged assault... it's a full body grimace that is present under the context of him having LOVED AMBER HEARD at some point and SHUDDERING at the idea that she'd be injured and bleeding from that area. Totally transparent.

53:28 alright, hold the motherfucking phone, because I have a very serious problem with her insinuating that she "wasn't thinking about it" and her FEELINGS WERE HURT, so she didn't have any pain/discomfort following BEING ASSAULTED IN THE VAGINA WITH A FUCKING BOTTLE.

Let me tell you something... you can vaginally birth 10 children, but if someone takes a bottle to your vagina, YOU'RE GONNA BE FUCKING SORE FROM THAT. FOR DAYS. And I can tell you exactly what it'd feel like too... it'd be a CONSTANT, DULL ACHE almost like menstrual cramps. So I am calling her an absolute fucking liar, right here and right now.

Anyone on the jury she looked at during this moment is calling ABSOLUTE bullshit on her claims. It's fucking unfathomable to me that someone WITH A VAGINA could sit there and assert that they didn't have any discomfort after something like that. That's BULLSHIT. She just metaphorically hung herself in the eyes of any female on that jury.

54:00 it's like right in this moment she claims there WAS discomfort, but she doesn't EXPLAIN at ALL. She COULD HAVE. VERY easily. Honestly? This part pisses me the fuck off.

54:10 whatever, that's not getting you out of the fact that you just totally fucking lost any support you MIGHT have had in one fell swoop.

54:20 now she decides to start trying to work herself up again because she can sense that her dismissal of any residual discomfort makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

54:40 oh Jesus dude... not this shit again. Good Lord. I'm not a drinker, but I feel the need for a stout one right about now. I hope Johnny hasn't relapsed too.

55:05 are they gonna ask her what end of the bottle he was using? Is that a stupid question? It doesn't matter if you're being assaulted with small object or a large object, the discomfort would be very pronounced, FOR DAYS, and it would feel the same as I described above, only it would be EVEN WORSE if it was the small end. I am not gonna explain to the classroom exactly why, but I assure you... you don't get out of being assaulted up the vagene with a bottle and not have a very DESCRIBABLE, ongoing, pronounced level of discomfort for a considerable amount of time afterward.

55:16 k, so, PICS???

56:50 seems to me like the ONLY pictures there are were taken by Johnny's people at the time. Where are the pictures she took??

57:07 so is she trying to say she doesn't have any pictures?

57:40 if any of what she's saying was true, you'd never see Johnny crack a smile for any reason whatsoever right now.

59:30 see, she didn't take ANY pictures. There is NO FUCKING WAY that someone who's been RECORDING AUDIO up to this point would have NOT TAKEN PICTURES FOR EVIDENCE. Do people understand that?

1:00:00 so she's saying she got the BIG END of a SQUARE BOTTLE. Yet she's going to GLOSS OVER the residual pain that she would have had for DAYS afterward? And man honestly... pain at the least.

It's just straight up unbelievable.
This is seriously the single greatest time-stamped commentary you've ever done, imo. And that's saying a LOT. Holy FUCK this is filled with so much fucking win. Good CHRIST.
Yeah, it's pretty amazing.
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