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Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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Quote:6:20 way too many little details in all of this. Ridiculous. The hell is she gonna say next? "Twas a DAHK and STOHHHMY NIGHT. The sound of thunderous DOOM rippled though the air, carried in static shocks like tiny needles piercing my TOHMENTED AND DISH-HEVELED SANCTUM!!!!!! *lightning effects*"


Quote:I'm watching this bullshit on 2x speed.

OMG. This is the only way I'm watching her from now on. THANK you. 

Quote:7:03 again, he takes his glasses off. He takes them off when she's saying THE MOST DAMNING SHIT (she thinks). If he was AFRAID of what she was saying because he's GUILTY, he'd LEAVE the fucking glasses ON as another line of defense. He's not doing that shit on purpose.

Holy shit... YES! 

Quote:12:10 ...I wouldn't be surprised if they interrupt her while she's trying to make this point. 
12:27 there's the interrupt.

You are on FIRE. 

Quote:32:28 her PUBIC BONE? Wow, I wish she'd straighten up and cut out the crying and talk normally so I could fantasize about Johnny Depp taking me by force in a drunken lustful rage, but she's totally ruining the moment.

Bro. Jesus... 

Quote:49:00 SPINACH? Oh dear God... SHE CAN'T EVEN COOK. SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT HERBS. This is the worst thing I've heard so far.

Bahahahaa. This is my favorite comment so far. 


This commentary is exalting the whole trial. Like, thank you God for this trial, because now we get Chatwoman's take on it. 

Quote:54:40 oh Jesus dude... not this shit again. Good Lord. I'm not a drinker, but I feel the need for a stout one right about now. I hope Johnny hasn't relapsed too.


Fuck. I can't keep up. You are rolling HARD. Flowing. 

I stand in awe. 

It's pointless, but it's fun... kind of like life.

Would I have chosen to watch Gunsmoke instead if I had it to do over again?

I kinda wanna see Johnny's dick.
(05-06-2022, 02:57 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]I kinda wanna see Johnny's dick.

I mean... do you want to just stare at it?
I mean dude...

Amber's testimony was...

A lot.
A good way to prove any of it was true would have been DOCUMENTED MEDICAL EVIDENCE.



But she just didn't seem to have any proof.
Just a truly horrible fucking story, lmao.

God, it was just awful. Seriously.

There are news articles that have been released about her latest testimony and those words look baaaaad in black 'n white.
As far as the "nights of Interstellar" go, this is in the all-time top ten.
The pics I've seen of the house scene look consistent with Johnny's story.

The audio recordings of Amber are damning.

It's just disturbing to think she'd make up a story like that or be instructed to...

Since I think she's full of shit, I'm only able to conclude that it was made up, which is just horrendous.

There's just no proof to back up her claims...

No pictures.

No medical proof of any injuries, the records of which would have been substantial and undeniable after an attack like she described...

No proof.

Haven't seen or heard any proof.

Why would he even be recording her going off on him if he was the one who was guilty, especially of doing the kind of shit she talked about today?

Just makes no sense.
(05-06-2022, 03:16 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]Why would he even be recording her going off on him if he was the one who was guilty, especially of doing the kind of shit she talked about today?

If what she was saying was true...

He'd be way too far gone and way too much of a lost cause to even bother recording her.

If he was as fucked up as she claims, he wouldn't even think he needed to record her.

If he was as bad as she makes him out to be, there's no way in hell she'd be the only partner he's ever done such things to.

No way.
She is COMMITTED to the lie. Doubling down on it. Taking it all the way across the finish line.

Her team is already painting Depp's team as "victim shamers", and they haven't even fucking started the cross examination yet. LOL. I mean could you more clearly show your fucking hand a full day in advance of the proceedings? Wow. Just WOW, dude.
It won't surprise me if the Jury sides with her.

Evil always wins. IRL.

It feeds off of our confusion and sadness.

We're just being set up for disappointment.

Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams... sensitive people don't win. They get buried or they kill themselves or they just become drunk and violent. Fuck all of that. We relate to Johnny because of his darkness, not because he's some soft bitch.

I'm not going to give a solitary fuck about what happens in this trial. Fuck it. It's just entertainment. It's just super rich actors in post-divorce malaise, televised.

It's no more or less important than some dude named Manny who owns a little taco truck, has two daughters and a wife who has herpes, and her brother lives with them, and his name is Ciro, and he's mute but has a huge cock, and he's got a 15 year-old son named Lito who has a mustache and looks 21, and his middle school teacher is in prison now for attempting to have sex with him, and she writes him a letter a week from her cell, and Ciro burns them, but Lito is too busy fucking other women to care either way. Lito's already got a full time job at Panda Express and an old Chevy Nova with a V6, and his aunt has a mole on her ass that looks like a broken purple french fry; it's got a slight curl -- and she has a son, Ciro's nephew, whose name is Amos, and he's 24 and drives for DoorDash, and he wears cowboy boots with basketball shorts and likes to fish, and HE has a son who is 4 and is already rapping and pretty good with nunchucks. Actually really good. It's impressive. The 4 year old's name is Rodan. He's a protege. He's also not actually Amos's son. That's a mystery. He might be part alien. It's been discussed. A local preacher tried to do an exorcism on Rodan, and Rodan just giggled right in his face, and the preacher had a heart attack and screamed and ran directly into a wall out of sheer panic and died. Rodan just kept giggling the whole time. It pleased Amos.
There's a whole cadre of pussy hat wearing fools on Twitter that's taking Amber's side. They had their hashtag trending for a bit the other day. It's since been displaced by #amberheardisapsychopath.
If a sob story with no evidence ends up winning, that'll be too bad.

It's all riding on the cross examination to expose her contradictions and inconsistencies.

That's all I'm interested in seeing... somebody let me know when it starts!
I'm gonna have to get woo-woo and have a look at their astrology charts and synastry.
That should tell the true story, and I will give my summary of it.
Quote:somebody let me know when it starts!

Sadly, they are off every Fri-Sun. So it's four days on, three days off. I'm already going through withdrawal symptoms, lol. Need something to fill the void...

Oh wait...

Quote:I'm gonna have to get woo-woo and have a look at their astrology charts and synastry.
That should tell the true story, and I will give my summary of it.

I dunno man, I took a sneak peak at Johnny's chart earlier and the shit didn't look good.

I looked at ONE aspect and it was... uhhh. Not good at all. Lmfao.

You can't judge by just one aspect, but it was pretty whack that the first one I read said what it said.

I'm gonna put a smidge of effort into the charts though because I have a long history of going through (usually dead) celeb charts and quoting the most interesting aspects that spoke about what was ultimately their fate.

It pretty much never fails to be spooky. I will get to work on it, dunno how long it'll take.
You are an elite reader and you're applying your prowess to a situation that we're clearly invested in, and I'm personally excited to see whatever you share, regardless of how dark it is!

Fuck Yeah
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