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Full Version: MEpearl: The Opossum Lady
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The opossum lady:

I love her, she's hilarious...

So like she said in this video, I checked out her website and ROFL!!!


She's shameless!

I love it. It's hilarious... so awesome.

She probably wrote most if not all of those comments too.

Epic gold. Love her so much.

0:59 God I fucking love this woman.




3:41 WHAT!??!?!?!1/?!!??!?!!!

This old lady is my damn soulmate.
4:26 BWAHAHAHAHA. Fucking love her so much OMG.

The way this lady takes care of the animals is so amazing, I wanna cry so hard OMG...


Shut up and take my money!
I hope Im that sexy when Im her age!!!!!! *love eyes
I know, it’s amazing how hawt she is for an old chick...

It’s her incredible wit and personality that magnifies her attractiveness.

Those kinda qualities are the only thing that sticks with us as we get old.
When somebody displays such an amazing care and handling of animals, especially those known to be wild and fairly “unhandleable”... that takes their attractiveness to a whole new level.
Oh hells yes, she is just pure CLASS

PS: Whats your fav animal/s?

I love bears, they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I cant handle it and marmoset monkeys *squeal
To be 100% basic, cats are my favorite animals.

I also have an appreciation for lizards/reptiles and amphibians.

Owls are kinda like birdcats. I like them.

I think the slow loris is a fascinating creature.

A lot of these animals make me think that the search for aliens is so ridiculous, because the aliens are among us.

Everything on this planet is like an alien. Looks like it, lives in a different world (sea creatures) than we do, can't even survive where we survive.

The aliens are here.
oh yeah cats are the best for sure

slow loris awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwies

thats true, sea creatures are out of this world, changing colors and shapes in the blink of an eye so amazing
my fur baby
Awww, is that a Persian?? I love their faces... they look unique from all the other cats.

My childhood cat (who lived to be 16) was a British short hair and he was really special to me.

I still dream about him sometimes.
Subscribed! Didn't this lady also do a religious parody thing at one time?
Her name sounds familiar.
Yeah, she was a persian

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