The Wuhan Coronavirus

And to think... all the deaths up to this point and all those to follow could have been prevented if only they had listened.
It was so obvious all along that the vaccines would be deadly.

It was so obvious all along that it was a trick and a setup.

But baaah goes the sheeple... and there the sheeple go.
Quote:American screenwriter and producer Zack Estrin, 51, died suddenly of suspected cardiac arrest while jogging. He did not have any known health conditions.
Sites are popping up trying to capitalize on Google searches about whether or not these dead celebs were vaccinated...

Sounds Chinese. How clever and ironic.

I guess it's African... I didn't actually click the link on Google because the domain seemed like some kinda made up suspicious BS.

It's a great idea though. Guarantee they're getting coin from showing up at the top of the search listings and I bet more will start capitalizing on these types of searches.

Kinda wish I'd thought of it!
Ain't nobody got time to search down and verify whether all these people dropping dead were vaxxed though...

Cuz soon enough, there are gonna be way too many to keep up with, and everyone's gonna know the vaxx is killing them anyway.

So really, it's a short window of opportunity to bring in some revenue...

I'll give it 5 months max before people don't even bother to search these terms anymore.
Global holocaust...

All the photos of public figures and social media influencers in their masks, getting their jabs...

They'll be in history books if civilization is left standing decades from now.
50/50 chance it won't be.

One of the less successful iterations of technologically advanced humans who have ever risen and fallen on this planet.

That's all our blip in history has been.
(09-28-2022, 03:15 AM)Chatwoman Wrote:

So weird how the families of all these vaxxed fools just say simple platitudes about the deceased, not even a hint of outrage or confusion that a perfectly healthy dude just drops dead . Whoever made idiocracy the movie must have known something, I can’t take this level of stupid , this widespread lack of critical thinking . Honestly I now suspect we are living in some type of controlled aquarium like world where maybe 95% of theses fuckers are automatons
I think we're seeing the extinction of the human species...

Everybody wants to blame the elitist power structure and their propaganda, but I dunno...

I think all these unnatural approaches like germ warfare etc. are just the way humanity expresses itself once it gets to a certain level of ability to manipulate biology.

I really just think it's the natural progression of the human species, it's the slow onset of its extinction.
Quote:Coolio was pronounced dead on the scene after a suspected cardiac arrest.

It's a photo memorial of vaxx deaths and they list the dose lot number whenever they can.

Currently 85 pages, 417 memorials at the time of writing.
I think some of them are memorials... actually it looks like a lot of them are user submitted, so it's people reporting injuries.

My bad... I just found the link to that site, I'm just now looking around on it.

This category apparently has listings which include videos from the vaxx injured...


This is huge.

They're posting their stories on YouTube.
I bet TPTB hate that site...

Quote:Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

I haven't but will take action on this!

The OFFICIAL reporting on these injuries is a tiny fraction of the real number.

Some of the vids look to be directly uploaded to the site, which is a great idea... I wouldn't put it past YouTube to go on a mass censorship campaign against the channels of the vaxx injured.

This woman's video is sad as hell.
Quote:Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

What life? These vaccines have taken away everything I love and have worked so hard for. I no longer can do the things I love and the simple things like shopping, driving, and watching a movie. I worry constantly that my health will get worse, which I can't even imagine, because my kids will be left without their mom. I am supposed to take care of my kids and they are taking care of me.
Quote:Q: Would you like to share your reasons for getting vaccinated?

My job required the vaccine, but I had no hesitation in getting it, because my parents are up in age and some of my family and band members we are around have health issues. I got my shot without hesitation to make sure those individuals were protected.

A lot of people fell for the whole "You're killing granny!" hysteria narrative.
I've read a lot of stories from the vaxx injured, and hers is the typical. It's just terrible.

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