The Wuhan Coronavirus
If you think it's a game the so be it...
Just so you are aware covid won't stop
Until the dumb has desepated
God dang, was that Perry Farrell in the pic with Taylor and Tom Morello?? [At the Slate link]

If so, JESUS Perry, lay off the nip/tuck!! 
Look like you should be in a fucking Primus video!!

Good choice unlike fung
(03-04-2022, 04:19 PM)Kenny Wrote: yet another one drops off suddenly 

The problem with Shane was he used to go on those wacky 14 day water fast diets but never take electrolytes.
If your potassium drops to a dangerous level your heart can't beat properly.
He was a multi millionaire 40 million plus, and went to the Dr in Thailand the day before complaining of chest pain and sweating.
He should have gone right to hospital. Instead he went back to his villa and went to sleep.
Yet he could afford to buy a hospital in Thailand. I think that Thai Dr gonna be in the shit.
Nodding Yes 
Quote:Good choice unlike fung


That's the exact kinda shit Jodie Foster was really addressing in her 2013 goodbye speech...

Chinese purchased hollywood and its theaters, so along with that came its actors...

2013 was the final year industry had any autonomy or its actors had any individual rights...

A lot of peeps took their leave from the industry during that time and after that, all the crazy public gestures of ownership by the communists started up.

The ones who left hollywood before that did it because they were NOT gonna be freaking tools to that degree. They just weren't.

So here we are man...

2022, they've gas lighted the global population with a scare...

They joked about the whole thing in front of the world beforehand, and then waged a psychological war on the people of the GLOBE, for 2+ years.

They behaved ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUSLY and made as many people in the entire world as they COULD participate with them.

Heinously embarrassing, then to top off the psychological war with the cherry on top, they made it PHYSICAL by strong-arming as many impressionable sheeple as they could into taking a shot. No, two shots. No, three! NO, FOUR!?

It was a very covert war and it's not like it's over or anything... new issues arising from the attack daily, across the planet.

It has all been really quite serious.
Some people think Bruce Willis's aphasia is related to being double vaxxed...

Here we go again.
(04-11-2022, 01:33 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:


(05-21-2022, 12:21 PM)Dev Wrote: Russell hilariously re-enacts the behind the scenes action at a "troubled" wu flu vaccine manufacturing plant.


America, they want you unarmed so that next time they can just force you to take the vaxx like they forced Australia.
(05-25-2022, 12:07 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

America, they want you unarmed so that next time they can just force you to take the vaxx like they forced Australia.
The only reason USA is still independent of China Govt unlike the Australia White Ethnostate is because of USA Greatest ally, Saudi Arabia
Terraformer, that AV though! I've had "Thriller" stuck in my head for like 2 weeks lmao.

11:27 the vaxxed population in ~5 years.
(05-25-2022, 01:59 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

11:27 the vaxxed population in ~5 years.

So true. Autoimmune blistering disorder is listed as a sideeffect of Pfizer Experimental injection in a Pfizer Document.  They are using Monkey Pox as a Cover up for the Postules of that Pfizer Autoimmune disorder

Oh it's no big deal though guys!

Just a little facial paralysis!

Or if you're Bruce Willis, ya know, the total inability to speak!

Nothin' to worry about now, go on, get your shots!

Sorry for all you non-famous vaxx damaged folks out there...

Big pharma made sure you'd never be able to sue them for becoming disabled due to vaccine injury, but it's a good thing Bruce Willis and The Biebz have royalties to live on!
Over two years since the beginning of the biggest psy-ops ever pulled on humanity, and now we're seeing the intended consequences on the masses...

Some years from now, it'll be well known fact.

You think the current system this shit happened under will still be standing by then?


Buckle up, bitches...


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