Mo is having a negative influence on me. I keep staring and drooling at pretty women and saying shit like “you’re hot!”. They look up and say “hey?” as in WTF? Then everyone around me starts staring. This has to stop!
I didn't know that the Donner Party was named after a kebab.

"Doner kebab is a type of kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Seasoned meat stacked in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly on the rotisserie, next to a vertical cooking element."

What are the odds?
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Women are X-spurts at adding extra strokes to Y chromosomes. They are great sports like that.
(04-12-2020, 11:48 PM)Guest Wrote: Women are X-spurts at adding extra strokes to Y chromosomes. They are great sports like that.

But my extra rib always fades... as if magically rubbed out all of a sudden. :-(
You need to write a fucking book of poetry already...

If you have, you better send me that shit, son...


Dunno WTF you think this.
Because I’m YTF.
Actually one of my big X’s stands with it’s legs together. I’m somewhat ladylike. However I prefer a couple of women in starfish formation.
I honest to God have no idea what you're talking about, but hell yes.
If you superimpose the XX over the XY you get a couple of bodies consisting of 9 strokes, the number of sex. It’s the only time women can feel what it’s like to have an elephant in their trunk and the only time men feel fully hung. That’s what the three legs are telling me anyhow. But when I open my Y legs I get to experience this full feeling with out any woman involved. So I was wrong. No wonder women feel empty most of the time. Unless they’re with a stick or having a baby. But in the end she squeezes us men out of her birth canal and then cuts us off as usual. Women are not immune either. Suckers for punishment we are. Can’t get enough of her rabbit hole. It’s never ending.
(04-13-2020, 12:46 AM)Guest Wrote: But in the end she squeezes us men out of her birth canal and then cuts us off as usual.

Horatio Sunglasses
The maYer takes her side...

Was John Mayer an accident? Dunno. Maybe a fortunate mistake.

Fuck me, these epiphanies and sheeeeeit are getting tiresome.

And so is the image verification. Keep having to refresh. Dealing me o’s Or zeroes. It’s hard to tell the diff. I need to call emergency services.

Members don't have to enter a captcha.
My liddle biddy snakey is signed, sealed and delivered. Expect to receive your lil package sssooooooooonnn. I’m not very happy about it. It feel quite menacing to say the least. :-(  It’s quite expensive you know. Especially if you get twinzeez... Keep exploring your fantasy island from your helicopter.
What The Fuck
HEY DON’T BLAME ME!!! I don’t know where these epiphanies come from. Your guessst is as good as mine!!!
Keep circling in your chopper!!!

I can’t believe this shit. 

First image verification: Vakof (fuck off) [failed]

Second and final call: Opbbo (other person’s baby oh) [success]

I get the picture!!! No need to rub it in any further! :-(
The most important decision a man can make in life is which doortor he enters because it’s in the same hallway as the doortor he exists. Which ho/me will Ye reside in? Make sure the woman has motherly qualities otherwise you may just find yourself playing second fiddle to her pole dancing activities... but sometimes you can have the best of both worlds. Just depends on the whore I mean whole package. Whore is not a derogatory word by the way. As far as I’m concerned it stems from the words World, Whirl, Wheel, Spin, Spinster, Weaver, Spindle Whorl.


If you look at it on a macro scale she is the black hole at the centre of the galaxy who weaves her web of creation. The galactic spiral arms remind me of giant sperms. See mo’s posts about toroids. 

The female energy is a magnetic, drawing-in energy, yin energy. Just like magnetism it is an invisible force, hence dark, not necessarily evil/bad (I just think bad refers to bed). Eve’s name is a V in the middle of the E for electrons. She being the nucleus of the galaxy appears as the indented toroid when viewed from the side angle. Like a red blood cell the galaxy floats through the veins of a supreme being. (I make this shit up) as maybe as crystal balls within a machine.

Like a tornado ? with it’s vortex ripe for a lightning strike, the light emanates from within her dark womb of generation. She is the hub of the carousel carrying as it does all of the whores/horses and poles which rotate around the wizard/sorceress’ saucer house behind the curtain. That’s the power tree (poetry) in motion.

She is the carnival clown who’s red lips devour the white ping pong balls regurgitating them back into existence via the appropriate slot to the number of the prize of the cuddly toy she wishes to deliver. She turns her head this way and that always in motion. She laughs and smiles resembling a joker, duplicitous in nature, as is our binary world and form, binding the pack of cards at both ends. As an invisible omniscient entity has had the power to take any form in the playing deck. Her forms reincarnate again and again in the 52 card deck but she remains the ever elusive binding force. She is both whore and mother and she loves a whirlwind romance. 

She tells you what time it is. It’s 52 weeks/cards in 4 seasons/suits. She loves pushin’ out the babies to see what astrological sign they will land in. 


Thanks for paying me slot. ;-)

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