Fleeing the Plantation
(08-23-2022, 11:33 AM)user328 Wrote: The eville stepmother had my phone turned off when I didn’t respond on cue

Typical narcissist. Disgusting behavior. When they do that type of shit and they don't even know where you are, it goes to prove they don't care about your safety.

It's really sad to give any amount of time/energy to those kind of people... they never value it. That's why it's best to get out of those situations so much sooner than later.

I'm proud of you for getting away, Dev. You made the right choice.
Right? I knew she would do that before she did.
This driver has discovered the secret of antigravity:


This is a little park overlooking a freeway that I go to, to get a break from the homeless drama. They’ll pester the living shit out of you for a cigarette or anything else they see you with that they want.

I just want you to know that I'm so proud of you, Dev. I was proud of you even before you left because you had WANTED a better life for yourself, and that's where change begins.

But now that you're out there, and you're having to maintain your fortitude and strength of SELF, and you're doing SO well... I am even more proud of you.

You are gonna get to that place you envisioned and saw for yourself... there will be trials, temptations, hardships. It'll be tough, but it's true when they say that nothing that great comes without sacrifice and dedication/devotion.

I can't wait to talk to you sometime in the future when you have achieved that life you saw for yourself and that fueled your strength and power to leave the abusive situation you were in. It's gonna be beautiful. Keep pushing through, and guard yourself and your sovereignty from the insane amount of leaches and low vibe crap. You are a diamond in the rough right now, but you'll be glittering in a nice clean comfy silver/gold setting soon enough.
I made $12 giving a guy a ride today. Looking for a cheap laundromat now.
Is the ball rolling along okay with government assistance?? Are they totally aware of your situation?? It's probably a painstaking wait.
I haven’t updated them yet. I don’t know how I will be able to log into my account because it sends verification codes to a phone I can no longer use. I’m going to have to go to the nearest Social Security office and try to straighten it out.
They definitely need to be updated as soon as possible. Also just make sure to take advantage of every aspect of the system that you possibly can.
I’m going to go up there on Wednesday. They’re probably busy as fuck today.
I went up there today because I didn’t want to spend another day outdoors in the sweltering heat when I could be sitting in an air conditioned waiting room.

They were closed. Someone drove a car through the building last Thursday, and they had to close for repairs. No idea when they’ll reopen. I spent my last two bucks on gas to get there. The low fuel light is blinking away again.
Oh Lord...

Pretty sure this whole town smoked crack since last time I was here.
I'm not gonna blow smoke up your ass and be airy-fairy hippie dippie rainbows and dolphins with you right now Dev.

Not that I ever have... I mean what I say. I always mean what I say.

But I recognize that you're in a tough situation and I am sorry you find yourself there... but I still believe it's better to be free than to be enslaved, even if it means going through hard times (they will pass).

I hope that you feel the same and don't doubt your decision.

My biggest concern for you is actually drugs. I am serious. You see it everywhere... this is how people who end up homeless etc. tend to cope with the situation, especially in and near cities.

Whatever you do, Dev... do not fall victim to temptation toward drugs. Stay strong and don't fucking touch any of that shit.

You will get to a better and stable situation eventually, don't fall prey to all the traps satan is gonna put in your path.

I am aware this video doesn't apply 100% to your situation... but there are some parts that you could glean encouragement from.

If you don't have time to watch it, the most important point is to flip that switch in your mind from fear to adventure instead.

A lot of the battle is in the mind... mental fortitude is really what gets people through these times, or a lack thereof traps them in that state that you see drug addled folks around living in and seemingly unable to escape the cycle.

I'm praying for you Dev... believe that. I know you can make it through this to the other side... just keep to yourself and do not fall prey to vices.
It's just basically saying that there's a certain philosophy that benefits people who are forced into living in a vehicle... it's all in the mind, see it as an adventure and not as a disaster. You can brainwash yourself into believing anything, and seeing things as the adventure of a lifetime will ONLY benefit you. Getting into a negative thinking state is what you MUST avoid.

Sorry I am not equipped or experienced enough to REALLY help you in any way other than words on a screen, philosophical concepts, etc. I'm just some random psycho broad on the internet... but I DO believe that your future is beautiful and I DO believe you're gonna make it there. I just want you to be strong right now and keep your mind right.
I smoke a little weed now and then, but I’m generally averse to any other kinds of drugs.

I made $9 giving someone a ride late in the day yesterday. The guy is trying to hook me up with some pain pills. I just don’t have any interest in them.

I knew it man.

I fucking knew the demons of this world were gonna try to do this shit to you.

Spidey senses everywhere...

No matter how "bad" it gets, NEVER GIVE IN, DEV.


You're gonna be okay, Dev...

It's all a test, it's all whack, it's all warped... but it's just a test.

Don't fail it, stay strong, I know shit is challenging but you gotta be your own biggest advocate and recognize that the forces of evil are gonna try to get you in their grasp so you'll slip up.

Just don't let them win.

You have control, even if it might seem like you don't in some ways. It's BS. You have the power.
TBH Dev even if people try to give you some weed or something, I wouldn't even engage with that.

It may be laced... you'd be surprised. Or maybe you wouldn't, I dunno. Either way, just say no to it ALL right now.
I’m not going to get sidetracked from my agenda. I’ve been homeless or on the verge of eviction before, and have always gone on to a better life. In fact, I think I would’ve been farther along by now if I’d remained in the homeless shelter back in summer of 2018 instead of asking the parents for a quick and easy bailout. I’ve more or less wasted 4 years on those narcissistic assholes.

I made $5 giving someone a ride today.

I spent a few hours at the park today, during which time I read the book of Daniel and a couple of the minor prophets that follow. The last part of Daniel describes a vision that’s quite similar to the vision of the Beast in the Revelation to John. God told Daniel to seal the vision rather than try to interpret it. It would be interesting to compare the two sometime.

Someone gave me the guest Wi-Fi password at the night shelter, so I’ll be able to post more often and in more detail than usual before bedtime.
It's so wonderful to hear this positive attitude and perspective... I am really relieved.

It might sound weird to say, but I'm also really glad you've kind of been in this type of situation before, simply because that means it isn't a complete shock to your system. That is also very good to hear.

At least there is free WiFi around, and places to plug your phone in so that you can stay in touch and have that anchor.

I love the USA and I appreciate these resources that are all around us... but I really do think we have a homeless crisis (among many other crises), a drug crisis, and at the end of the day, with all the money floating around, there's no excuse for things to even be this way.

I admire your strength and drive, Dev.
The day shelter staff didn’t want to share the guest password there, but you can always get it from someone who already knows it.

Think about that. A homeless shelter with a guest Wi-Fi account that doesn’t want the homeless to use it. One gets the sense that the people who work for this outfit are deliberately trying to be as unhelpful as possible. They have some pretty strange ways of doing things, which I may elaborate upon later if I can be bothered.

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