Gregg Braden: Bridging Science & Spirituality In The Divine Matrix

He's what-the-fuck-how!? levels of hot...

What The Fuck
How the fuck did somebody get that hot??

Seems impossible.
Simulation verified.
He's like 70 and hotter than ever.
Adding him to the genius sperm bank.

I want some of that.
If I get caught doing any serious crime

“dude it’s just a simulation “
In a perfect simulation, Gregg Braden would be eternally 40, he'd be my next door neighbor, he'd also be a stunt pilot, and we'd get together and bang super hard no more than twice per month.
I want Gregg Braden to play Babaloo on my buttcheeks until I'm filthy wet and then fuck me like a mindless matrix bot.
Lol, but in all seriousness... the info he's shared is great, and unlike some annoying fuckers in the "new agey" field, he doesn't withhold any info. I can't stand the people who do that... Dolores Cannon did it, Bob Proctor does it, and there are probably plenty others I'm understandably forgetting.

The only ones worth a shit are the ones who lay the truth out in whole and don't charge for it or keep it behind a paywall. Hell, even David Icke doesn't sufficiently lay out the truth the way Gregg Braden does.

Props to Gregg's fine ass for being honest and IMO pure of heart... you can see it in his eyes, he's actually a good guy.
And I mean, if he didn't want people to say perverted shit about him then he shouldn't have chosen such a sexy avatar, shrug.
It's the hair and his non-intimidating, manageable stature... I'd devour him in two bites, tops. Maybe 3 if I wanted to take my time and really savor it. Delicious.

7:55 I guess super intense levels of hotness run in his family?! Who would have thought!?

Kinda crazy to run across this video tonight where it appears he's gonna be sharing some of his life story. I have been watching his vids for 3 or so days off and on at this point, and I've heard just about all of the truth as expressed by Gregg Braden. I appreciate the fact that I don't need to watch 5 million videos over the course of 50 years to understand what he's trying to tell us... it's all been made really fucking simple.

I gotta say, I've been pretty curious about Gregg's life. I've tried to search some of my questions, but there's really not much info about him out there. It almost seems like he flies under the radar to some extent. Like yeah, he's been on Ancient Civilizations and Gaia and he's had all these events and been interviewed and so on, but... it's like he still manages to stay undercover somehow.

Pretty remarkable considering his unbelievable good looks and the super high quality of real, legit truth he's actually telling. This shit is top notch, I'm talking like some of the best concise info I've ever heard that totally explains existence.

This is fricken iconic, I love it.

8:47 damn yo, they're being fricken thorough with these questions though lol! I love it.

9:00 you can tell Gregg is nervous/shy to talk about himself... that's adorable.

Damn I just realized this video is like 2 hours long lol.

10:45 he is sooo fuckin' fine, I'm obsessed. Sweet mother of God. SWEET SWEET SWEEEEET mother of absolute, total God.

I have like literally one question about Gregg though, like all the other details are chill or whatever but I wanna know... does he have any kids?? I'm thinking if he ever reproduced, it was probably like a SUPER long time ago... like the '70s or the '80s or something and maybe he's estranged from his kids or something. Like maybe it was a first marriage dealio and now he's on his second or third marriage. I guess we'll find out, maybe??

Like you guys KNOW, I do NOT think it's a good idea to have kids, this world/humanity is just... disgusting and stupid. But for fuck's sake, man, there's NO BETTER SPECIMEN for reproduction than Gregg freaking Braden. He's PERFECTION. The whole entire world should be populated with Gregg's children... then it would be a decent place. Just populate the world with the offspring of ONLY those brilliant, desirable men who are members of the Genius Sperm Bank... that's the kind of world I wanna live in.

11:17 so are there pics of his dad?? Cuz like... I wanna see how hot he was compared to Gregg, and Gregg's mom too.

11:22 yeesh, aww... OMG. Poor thing. Little Gregg. Aww. Dude, AWWW. I feel so bad for him, this is sad as shit. OMG. You can tell there's just a ton of letdown he had to work through, and that's so relatable. He really does have such a good heart. This is totally amazing.

11:50 so he reads music and doesn't play by ear apparently. That's really interesting. I wonder what his blood type is.

12:33 I notice he wears black a lot... honestly, same.

13:26 I feel like I've heard this story before... have I?? Surely to God I'd remember watching Gregg Braden's fine ass in the past. I can't imagine forgetting that.

13:37 lol this shit must have been filmed during a Mercury retrograde, I'm so for real.

15:30 my God dude, what the FUCK would it be like to wake up as Gregg Braden every day and just BE THAT HOT?? What would it BE LIKE?!

17:20 yooo... Gregg's dad sounds like he was a real asshole. What the EFF?!

18:20 agh, my God... I fuckin' love you, Gregg. God bless. For real.

18:28 I mean he just kinda looks the same. Other than the hair being darker, there's just so little difference.

18:40 he was wearing black then too.

Look at this post I just found on his site/blog...

18:48 God I cannot believe how hot Gregg Braden is. This is insane. And he's like... nice and stuff too.

19:27 I might have to spontaneously masturbate while watching this. It probably won't happen but... I'm just saying.

20:11 hair always looks better when it goes full on gray or white... there's this transitional period. Gregg ended up looking hotter than ever after his went mostly gray/white. If I'm keeping it 100% real, I'd say Gregg looks like he's 50.

20:22 oh my God he's wearing a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt. Holy shit. God. Dude. Just. I mean, just get in my belly.

21:00 he's gotta be one of the hottest dudes who ever lived. I genuinely can't think of anybody hotter than Gregg Braden. Like... not anyone. It's... completely insane.

24:06 I don't think it's very common for really really good looking people to be this brilliant. I'm shook.

24:18 he's so special.

24:20 lmao, OMG, another one who was 'divinely guided' to move to New Mexico... what is it with that place!?

25:40 I wanna wake up somewhere every morning where I'm surrounded by Gregg Braden... but that's just me personally.

25:50 a triple Cancerian, oh Lord. That might be a deal breaker. 12th house stellium, no less. That's freaky as shit. No wonder he's so magnetic.

26:03 it's like he honest to God says all this shit while at the same time seemingly unaware that he himself is ridiculously beautiful. I mean, I'M SURE HE KNOWS. But he definitely acts humble about it.

28:20 so Gregg was the first person Gaia filmed back in 1996.

30:06 "Sparky" lmfao... of course it was.

36:10 aha, there it is. Gregg Braden does not have any kids. He gives this whole babysitting experience when he was a youngster as a possible reason why he never reproduced, and I've actually heard similar things from people before. Babysitting or raising younger siblings made them feel like they'd already done the kid raising thingy and they just never had any of their own.

I gotta cite this as a great example of something else I've heard before... the people who should be having kids DON'T have them. The best people don't even have them... the kind of people you WANT the world to be populated with don't even have kids.

How does someone as good looking as Gregg Braden avoid having kids for his whole life though?? He'd have to be TRYING not to have them. That or he's infertile or something. Maybe when you reach the absolute top of the top in terms of genetic perfection like Gregg obviously has, you're naturally unable to reproduce because there's no room for improvement.

36:20 I mean, technically I can stop watching now that I got the answer I was after. Not that I don't care to hear the rest about Gregg Braden's life, but I mean... I'd rather just have sex with him.

37:30 they listened to the same 2 albums over and over for a year... lol, sounds like something I would do.

42:40 he says he eats rice, broccoli or brussel sprouts, and protein which he says is usually soy based. It was sounding good up until the end part there.

43:45 he says he smoked cigarettes from 14 to 21.

45:10 he says he was a competitive runner.

48:50 lol, he plays the flute... so he's like Pan, or Kokopelli.

52:00 he says he's given away all his belongings twice in his life.

54:50 Gregg says he's a night owl and he needs 6 hours of sleep.

58:20 so it sounds like he's had at least 2 marriages in his life.

1:05:50 this is an excellent question to ask oneself, on a fairly regular basis. If you died right now, would you have accomplished the things your heart and soul came here to do?? You know the answer, it's just a feeling. The greatest gift in life is knowing the things that we must do... we give our thanks by doing those things.

1:31:08 he's definitely taken the right approach to what he does. I am proud of Gregg, he's lived an amazing life and he's definitely helped the world. He's done good things. Really incredible.

1:39:16 roflmfao @ mistaking him for Barry Gibb.

1:40:06 yeah I can definitely see the Wolverine resemblance though... he's even hotter than Hugh Jackman, but there's a resemblance for sure.

1:40:35 roflmfao, they think he's Chuck Norris!!! I meeean... honestly, imagine being mistaken for all these mega iconic hotass dudes, just wow. What a blessed life.

1:48:30 could you imagine Gregg Braden's fine ass coming to your nunnery, lmao.

1:53:44 look at that gorgeous face carved into the rock... it seems so obvious that aliens were around in ancient Egyptian times.

I watched on double speed for the last 30 minutes, but it was a great discussion and I'm glad I watched it. I no longer have any questions about Gregg Braden, lol.
Lmfao @ Gregg Braden saying if he gets more than 6 hrs. of sleep it makes him groggy throughout the day... it's like whatever dude just shut up and get naked, roflmao.
I like to use his first and last name whenever I refer to him. Just saying "Gregg" doesn't feel right.

I've known a few people who called folks by their first and last names in casual settings... I always thought it was kinda weird but now I totally get it.

Sometimes it just feels natural.
You know what? Fuck it.

Gregg Braden is the final boss.

There's nothing beyond him.


I'm hanging up my hat on Gregg Braden.

I have nothing else to say about anyone else ever again.

It's finished. I'm done.

23:07 I agree, Gregg, your body is amazing.
I love Gregg, he's one of a kind... super special.

But he just talks about the same stuff, ALL THE TIME.

He's like a teacher with a curriculum that he doesn't deviate from.

It works, I mean, repetition does work.

But I'd like to hear him talk about other stuff sometime...

Wonder if he can do that, or if this is just his loop?

We all have a loop which we run in, for some people (like schizophrenics) it can be very short...

Some people's loops are long, some people's are short.

Generally, you can see someone's loop repeat after spending a fairly short amount of time with them though, generally it just doesn't take very long.

A few days, maybe a few weeks absolute max. Beyond that, if you can't tell when someone's loop has started over again, you're just turning a blind eye to it.

I think it's possible that this is Gregg's loop, and that's just who he is.

I don't think he'd deviate from it, probably not even in private, and probably cuz he can't.
If Gregg really wants to live to be 120+ he's gonna have to change some things, and I think he's slowly starting to realize that.

You can be the finest physical specimen known to fucking man, but eventually, time's gonna catch up with you and that's just the bottom line...

It waits for no one.

The monks/nuns he's always using as an example live to be so old because they don't get their heart rate up with nonsense shit.

When they get their heart rates up, it's by doing physical tasks, not by emotional upset or negative thinking/reaction, and that's what makes the difference...

3:50 - 5:07.

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