Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...
It's all a load of BS...

Every last little bit of it, re: the system.

It's all a bunch of imaginary crap.

They're going to use some kind of imaginary rule and impose it on everyone... you just have to figure out which one they're gonna go with.
Well I'm pretty sure that digital currency is technically not a note, lawfully speaking, when you understand money you know what a note is and why we use it, not that I have any but my money is that notes and actual money (pm's/coins) will always be around.
A note is a contract & contracts have ACTUAL value

I can go put in an offer on a real estate property, have it accepted and before closing I can sell that contract for $100 grand... banks don't have a monopoly on notes, people create them all the time.
Clif is a very intelligent guy in many regards, especially programming, I think he is right about global cooling (as opposed to warming) and many things but I think he is just capitalizing on crypto's as a way for him to make money & stay relevant, admittedly people that will trade crypto's have good reason to spend money on his reports but I think I've heard him convey a decent understanding so I do think he is very biased on cryptos.
(06-04-2017, 12:05 AM)Trix Wrote: It's all a load of BS...

Every last little bit of it, re: the system.

It's all a bunch of imaginary crap.

They're going to use some kind of imaginary rule and impose it on everyone... you just have to figure out which one they're gonna go with.

The other thing is that these things aren't imaginary, they are real in the sense that a derivative might be a bet, and a derivative of a derivative might be a bet on a bet, seems scandalous but really the people who are within this framework have little choice because of mathematics, I'm not convinced it's all bad because at the end of the day, contracts can be moved.

I do think it's good to know what's what of course but all creative solutions aren't bad just because they seem to bend rules or they might seem to be shady. Earlier I mentioned selling real estate contracts without ever technically owning the real estate, If I tried to do this in a new development (neighborhood), they might have within the contract that it isn't assignable, so in that case I might make the offer in a corporation name (like how rental properties are normally done), and rather than sell the contract I could sell the corporation for 100 grand.

Around 1:17:00 Clif gets started on an amazeballs discussion about the true nature of life and reality...

God I want to make sweet love to Clif High so bad.

He's so funny, such a great sense of humor, so brilliant...

He's my dream guy. Love him so much.
God I want Clif High's knowledge...

I want to know everything he knows.

More than anything in the world...

I want the stores of his knowledge.

I want Clif High in my heart and soul.

I could listen to Clif High speak forever and ever and ever.

He tells the most fascinating stories... things I've never even heard about.

He's so amazing... oh Clif. Please be mine, or at least give me some of your genius sperm.
God I wish that I knew what Clif's Western and Chinese zodiac signs are...

I bet we are so fucking compatible it's insane.

I can just tell...

Sooo compatible.

If I'm wrong, I'd give up on astrology forever!!!
Uh oh, Clif just said he doesn't like roadtrips. He called them monotonous.

Maybe we're not that compatible after all.

But I love the way he considers his motorhome his second home in case of emergency. That's so brilliant.

I wish he would invite me to live in his motorhome with him and we could drink tea and enjoy each other's company!

I love it when he accidentally hits the mic with his big strong hands while he's talking!

It really pisses me off when he starts to talk about Corey Goode's sorry ass and how his BS story is messing with the language on Clif's bot.
Clif and I are so likeminded.

We really are. This isn't just my imagination or wishful thinking.

We are.
Wow, David Wilcox and and Corey Goode are apparently total pieces of shit!!!

They're making up stories, the masses are buying them, and then apparently it's all gonna come out as lies and Goode is gonna be the fall guy!!!

These aforementioned people and their constituents are clearly disinfo operatives.

Wow so they're moving house from where they've lived for 30 years. That's a big deal!!! Staying in the same state though, that's kinda boring.

5:35 LOL see that is the kinda stuff I like to hear Clif talk about.

Freaking love Clif High so much.

7:25 WTF Clif is basically talking about inventing a plug in that you have to install to watch his video on YouTube because they'll just be snow if you don't have the plugin!

I guess this is the last video by Clif I'll be watching!!! Parting is such sweet sorrow Clif!!!

I think he's being ridiculous about the people who steal his videos and the ones who contact him and get mad about it. Why doesn't he just ignore them?? The whole thing seems to be people not understanding how the fucking internet works... how is that Clif's problem?

19:00 ... damn Clif is so interesting. Just upload your videos on YouTube like a normal freakin' person, Clif, I don't wanna give you up.

I love Clif because he loves linguistics and I love linguistics too.

Wow, people FUCKING hate this Tone guy who owns Veritaseum crypto...

I mean just look at the comments on this video, it's terrible. And judging by the normal Like/Dislike ratio on the video, it would seem these people are just being honest and they're not even trolling. They seriously dislike and distrust this guy.

Clif has been interviewing people lately and it's not been working out very well... his interview before this one had all kinds of audio issues. He even had to redo the interview entirely to try and get better audio, and it turned out to be pure shit AGAIN.

I think Clif is barking up the wrong tree with all of this...

Someone on the comments section says: "If I had webbot software that can predict the future, I wouldn't sit around talking about this shit."

I have to agree...

Something doesn't sit too well with the involvement here, and I'm not exactly sure who is at fault...

If it's Clif, or if it's the people he's getting involved with.

Clif can't be entirely without blame either way because he's providing a platform and giving time to this.


Man, there is a massive amount of distrust surrounding Clif High lately...

Seems that pathways have been chosen.

I believe your suspicions regarding this is because clif is fucking up karamaically with veritasium. Veritasium is a tool that will be used to cover up the financial fraud in the stock markets over the last 50 years.

Too much to explain here but I know what I'm talking about here.
It's DEFINITELY some kinda weird karmic fuck up man.

I feel like if Clif realizes something is wrong soon enough, then he can escape the situation and turn things around without too much damage being done.

But I have never seen Clif in a situation like this, therefore I don't know how he'll react.


A new Clif High interview.

It's been a while.

God I fucking love Clif High...

His voice is a familiar comfort to me.

He is my kinda dude.
Greg Hunter is fairly cute too.

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