Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...
I just want Clif High to touch my butt.

nearly an hour of clif for your friday night.
*moans in ecstasy*

Sweet mother of God.
(11-04-2022, 04:59 PM)Guest Wrote:

0:07 *beastly roars of slightly retarded passion* oh CLIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0:20 see what I mean about the crappy weather though, Clif?? Come on sweetie, let's move somewhere warm and dry.

0:50 oh man, I want some of those fuckin' C60 gummies!!!!!!!!!!!

2:30 I kinda want Clif to tie me up to a chair and throw spent markers at me from across the room.

3:20 oh great, so this means I'll probably never see a bitchin' solar maximum again in my entire life. I knew those days of my childhood in 2003 were the greatest fucking times Sol and I would ever have. FUCK THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:00 well how convenient for them, I'm sure it wasn't planned that way or anything... *eyeroll*

8:10 what color are Clif's eyes?? Is that a dumb question?? Should I know this?? I'm like terrible at remembering these details about people. Blue would work well. I'll take Clif's seed no matter what though!?

10:40 I'm not gonna be surprised.

11:00 oh I forgot about his Substack. I got an email from them the other day saying that there was now a chat/message function on the platform. It's mobile/app only though (lame), or I would have made another account to blow up Clif's inbox with sexually suggestive garbage!!!

15:10 I've got no whatever-the-hell either.

15:28 I wanna do the big ugly with Clif!!!

15:45 just imagine those big hands squeezing my asscheeks.

16:20 yup, it's all total propaganda. You can feel it in your soul that Russia isn't actually bad. Plus, I love my hot Russian girlfriend, even if we can't understand each other?! We even have the same name!!!!!

*makes dinner*

17:20 I love it when Clif gets wild with the whiteboard. He really should make an OnlyFans where he just draws obscene shit and talks dirty. I'd pay up to $5 per month to see that?!

18:20 Clif lays out a potential scenario.

25:55 yup, yet another stolen election.

27:06 God bless Clif's precious unvaccinated sperm.

32:13 it's at this point I'd like to note that Clif jerking off all over my body would be both safe and effective. Not even a sin either.

33:06 God that was so deliciously nerdy and I completely understand his references... I am so turned on. You must begin to satisfy all my desires Clif, it's not right for you to just leave me in such want and need.

33:34 damn... I just remembered that Clif's dick is too big for me. There's no definitive proof, but we can just assume by some of his other features that his dick is huge and I couldn't deal with it anyway. Why is love always doomed for me before it even begins?

34:16 Clif says his "guys" showed up at the end of the video and abruptly cuts it off. I wish my guys were here...

Hey lady I’m gonna take off half my clothes and wait for a nice little sexy rubdown
(11-04-2022, 04:59 PM)Guest Wrote:

0:22 *SQUEALS* OMG!!!!!!! Look at this MASSIVE orange coat Clif put on JUST FOR ME!!!!!!!! Oh Clif, you spoil me with all my favorite things!!!!!~

0:33 ew, that place sucks! Tell you what though Clif, if you let me live in a well equipped shed on your property, you can take me out any time the weather is bad/cold/rainy and we can cuddle. I can shake it and jiggle it on you until we both feel soothed. What do you say baby?? Daddy Clif makey dreamz come true??

0:40 and of course he's gotta bring out the adorable little silver cup just to rub it in deeper.

2:33 I'm BORED!!!!!!!!!!!

6:26 did Clif smoke down on some of that real sticky-icky before he started filming this video, cuz I'm obviously not high enough?!

It's not that often that Clif loses me, I gotta be honest. It does happen, but basically never.

7:40 my thing is this... if you had enough money/resources to relocate to a place that actually has vitamin D synthesis year round, WHY THE FUCK WOULDN'T YOU DO IT?? You guys saw how vibrant Clif was during the summer, baring his arms and enjoying the fuck out of that sunlight, heck I bet he even went shirtless sometimes. Why the holy fuck would you live in some wet dreary lameass area that doesn't have vitamin D year round?? I'd be moving my ass below the 33rd parallel. Even some shitty town in southern Texas would be better.

8:18 I'm sure the cup is actually just a regular size, but Clif's big sexy hands make it look smaller.

10:28 fucking DEFINITELY toilets.

Clif, call me baby... I haven't had sex in a super long time and I wanna give you my next virginity!!!

21:16 I really like the whiteboard standing up longways.

21:37 it kinda looks like a refrigerator.

26:07 I definitely need to adopt Clif's approach.

27:55 hell yeah, I would say so.

29:12 kthxclifloveyoubye
(11-04-2022, 07:50 PM)Guest Wrote: Hey lady I’m gonna take off half my clothes and wait for a nice little sexy rubdown

OooOoo... *bites lip*

I like your style... *raises eyebrow*

WTF, it's so late in the day, OMG I can't believe it, new Clif!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!1
(11-08-2022, 09:59 PM)Guest Wrote:

4:50 it's so weird he said what he was drinking, cuz I was wondering. It makes me want some tea.

11:30 wow, I haven't heard mention of the noosphere in a long time.

11:50 by "kids" he means people age 50+ like Bix Weir...

21:25 interesting tidbit about 430 kilojoules from the sun per hour vs. human conversion of 410 kilojoules over the course of a year.

22:28 he says humans are "conversion critters" lol.

24:15 he seems kinda fired up tonight?!

24:38 they definitely are way too fuckin' stupid though, it's true.

It was nice to see Clif tonight, I wasn't expecting that!!!
according to one of clif's latest posts on telegram, he is 69 years old.


more evening clif. he's been talking about his age a lot recently. wonder if that's weighing on him. also wonder if he's a sagittarius.

he talks about both the left and right paradigms falling apart. awesome.

I've heard Clif's message loud and clear, and what he said in this video gave me pause. It caused me to take a step back and look at life in a different way than I ever had before. At the end of the day, who am I to judge whether he's being overly dramatic or not, since I've never been 69/70 in this lifetime, and who knows if I ever will be.

Regardless, I would like to conclude by saying that I appreciate all the things he's shared in his videos, podcasts, and writings over the years. He's an important historical figure and my love for him will always be on display as long as this thread/site is online. It's my little part done to honor Clif and the way he's made the world a better place. Thanks so much, Clif, you're unforgettable.

I know you're talking about me, Clif, but I'ma just say this...

I've been giving you the cake AND the pie for YEARS, and you've been giving me CRUMBS!!!

So until you give me a lil somethin' somethin' substantial, sweetie, I am done talking...

*crosses arms, purses lips*

These were really interesting.
Lastnight I had a dream I checked Clif's BitChute page and he had a new video with orange in the thumbnail...

Could you imagine being "that guy" who spills coffee on Clif High??

(((Soul deep cringe)))

Discussions like this are the reason why Clif High is such a total fucking legend. He's an intellectual rockstar.

I may not 100% agree with him on some specific details of the 'long sleep' topic, but I think the whole concept is epic gold, and he's doing the Lord's work by talking about it.

We get to hear Clif sneeze in this one...


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