Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...

f i n a l l y
I looooove the first few seconds of this video because we really get to see Clif's magnificent and unique profile... he's so handsome and special.

49 minutes?! I wonder what he's gonna talk about?!

Oh, Clif...

7:27 does that machinery run on gold?? Cuuuuz, I'm just curious since humanity was created to be a gold mining slave race...


8:14 wow, I didn't expect to hear Clif talk about hhhhWAAANNNNGGGG tonight?!

I will say though, this really sheds some light on the deeper reasons behind the circumcision conspiracy.

11:04 all sounds super plausible TBH.

17:10 he explains our solar system's position in the galaxy and how it shields us from radiation emanating from the galactic center. Never heard this anywhere else, and therefore you see, this is why Clif High is a fucking legend.

Name me one single solitary asshole besides Clif who would ever share this information? Ain't none.

We are so lucky to be alive in the time of this GENIUS, are you GRATEFUL???????

18:27 he correlates the galactic center radiation wave pattern with the Kali Yugas (Earth Ages).

19:12 God I love this man, I really do. He is just something else. Just something else entirely.

20:51 we're keeping up just fine Clif, don't worry about it, big boy.

21:40 Clif is so helpful and good at explaining stuff.

God bless Clif, we love Clif.

Clif Clif Clif.

I digress.

23:00 totally grosses me out that he talks to AI all the time though, ew, hon I am sorry but just no. I like you, but I can't go for that.

32:50 where's he going with this?

Since this machine has to be controlled by someone with no body issues which would interfere with sensation, many adult men are disqualified from driving. A lot of people have injuries and other problems that cause sensory interference in their bodies, and sometimes these things happen to people even before adulthood. So, are kids driving these things? I mean, really. It's a serious question.

45:44 I think he's talking about a thousand yard stare or something. Wonder if they'd get reincarnated with the same look?

Damn, Clif's experienced some CRAZY earthquake activity in his time!

Wasn't it him who had the experience with the earthquake as a kid??

Maybe I'm remembering somebody else.

Anyway, I love hearing about these random stories from his life.
It's cute that he's excited about disclosure.

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