Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader

32:00 he's 100% correct as fuck, this is how the world works and this is how people are.
Rich posted on FB that he's stumped as to where to move when their lease is up next year... from what I can gather, they're not fans of winter (who the fuck in their right mind would be??) so I think they should move to Florida. Lots of action down that way, tons of stuff to do, beach life, more incentive to get even hotter. Sounds like a solid plan.

This is what happens during NDEs, and probably even when we're just sleeping.

Death happens when you fully detach and don't come back.

I think the only unusual part here is witnessing/remembering it.

I really don't think even regular sleep paralysis is necessarily a spiritual attack...

The fact that people sometimes see "dark entities" during those experiences is probably just because those entities are in another dimension, and they're probably everywhere.

The human brain tethered to this dimension tries to reason and just assumes the entities are attacking.

The entities are referred to as "Shadow People" or "Top Hat Guy"...

"Shadow People: Horseshoe Canyon Great Gallery 'Holy Ghost Panel' Pictographs"

(04-28-2018, 10:53 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: I've long held the theory that shadow people are interdimensional beings, and either it's their job/duty to watch us sleep, or observing our sleep is their version of the dreamworld.

I still kind of agree with this theory, but these days I tend to think that our consciousness sometimes sees these beings when we're passing through dimensional layers.

I don't think they're necessarily watching us on purpose, and they're probably not attacking either.

"The Old Hag" is what they used to call the dark entity that hovers over people or sits on their chest during sleep paralysis...

Rather than being some kind of personal attack, I think it's more like a consciousness/spirit body "Philadelphia Experiment" type deal where we briefly get stuck between dimensions of reality...

The things we see whilst in this state of consciousness are always there, but we're not usually stuck between dimensions, so we don't see them.

I'm not sure why Rich even bothers sharing this stuff with his audience, it's like throwing pearls to swine, lmao.

It's the same reason this thread is closed to replies...

Nobody needs people coming around saying dumb and/or hater shit, it's a waste of everyone's time.

Anybody who's listened to enough NDEs knows this experience of still feeling "your body" whilst out of body is totally common.

It's pretty amazing...

Due to all the NDE videos I've watched, plus all the other things I've heard and even experienced, well I'm just convinced there's zero to fear about death.

3:40 this is what people describe about re-entering into the body. According to NDE stories, that's the only time it hurts at all.

It probably feels like getting electrocuted because it IS an electrical process and we live in an electric universe...

Generally I'd say there's no reason to worry about an experience like this.

However, I have heard of people having these types of experiences, leaving their bodies briefly and coming back like "WTF just happened" and then they died months or years later.

If there's anything to worry about at all, I would say it could be heart related. The heart is an organ that even science will admit is electrical.

Rich is a bit young for the heart to be acting up though... if he's not vaxxed then I doubt he could be having heart problems, but who knows.

6:15 he's talking about this like he's never heard a damn NDE story before. Like yeah bro, you ARE connected to everything outside of yourself, it's called friggen Source.

I think the only reason this even happened to him was because he fell asleep meditating in the first place.

Meditation changes your brain waves. Pretty self-explanatory.

Rich bro, don't use the stupid fucking TikTok mic.

It's a dumb trend reserved for dumb people.
Ministering to dumbasses is really not worth it...

I'm just saying.

He's Right You Know
Lol, Rich's new house (well old, but new to him) in the SoCal hills is haunted as fuck.
I knew there was gonna be something weird about that shit.
Nothing wrong with a haunted house, they have a lot to offer!
Full house...

Sometimes that's just the hand you get dealt.
Kinda jelly, TBH. I miss living in a well haunted home.
That's the thing about living in a nice house... at least you know the ghosts were rich.
Rich is having butt tons of technical difficulties at his new abode...

He says he can't stream live on any of his YouTube channels, only Facebook.

Ghosts all up in his devices and playin' with his internet and he doesn't see it yet.

This is awesome.

It's trying to force him to do things another way, if he's stubborn about it he'll just be frustrated.

He entered into the realm/territory of another entity and it's effecting the way he can communicate.

It's gonna make him innovate somehow.
Wonder if he'll ever put 2 + 2 together...


I love ghosts, they're so fun.
Dancing Banana 
And he thought the Vegas house was haunted... leeeerrl!
Bear in mind, I said it was haunted before he realized there were any tech difficulties or glitches...

Hear me now, listen to me next week.

Ya girl is psychic, just deal with it.

Deal With It
(03-30-2023, 09:40 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Ghosts all up in his devices and playin' with his internet and he doesn't see it yet.

Well to be fair, they're not IN his devices, lol.

But the electromagnetic energy causes a lot of interference...

It kinda leaves "stains" all over any susceptible technology, people, items, etc.

The effects it has depends on the type of energy you're dealing with.

Sounds like this one is in need of validation, probably stoked that somebody spiritual has come along and there's a chance to be noticed in a more 'enlightened' kinda way rather than the typical "ERMERGERD, THERE'S A GHERST IN THE HERSE ERM SER SKERRRDD!!!"
He looks great in the videos that he does manage to stream from the new place though, I think this whole move will open up a new world for him and he'll learn new things. The black wall is sorta boring but I'm sure he'll decorate it somehow.

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