Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader

Looks like music isn’t labeling him anymore.
Haha...go for it.

He's not bad at all although he might need a day job!
In that last video he reminds me of one of those bad boys fron the Outsiders movie

Seeing these hella old videos sheds some light on the “dark” stories he was telling on his most recent channel when I first subscribed.

Looks like he came from humble beginnings... he’s fought his way up through this shit and I’m glad he’s still with us.

He’ll never be in that place again.
(11-09-2018, 02:04 AM)Kitty Wrote: In that last video he reminds me of one of those bad boys fron the Outsiders movie

I can see that... 100%.

Which is hot. As fuck.

And makes me wanna bang.


I’d like to take his favorite acoustic guitar, smash that fucker just to piss him off really bad and then ask him WTF he’s gonna do about it.

I picture being chased briefly and then asspounded...


Now ALL his videos are like 45 minutes, ROFLROFL.

He’s got a SWEET fuckin’ body dude you KNOW he does.

He’s like the perfect size... he just looks more delicious the more meaty he gets.

I’m not saying he should be fat or anything but he definitely can’t go wrong with having some weight on him.

I like my men to look like they can tackle me and just cover my body with their body and make me disappear.

Again, not like in a morbidly obese fat folds kinda way...

Just in a bulky manmeat kinda way.
It’s really strange, I can’t find any pics or vid of his whole body.

You’d think if he was/is as vain as he claims he’d be posting your stereotypical mirror pics or some shit.

We get a lil nipple action in this video, check it out!!!

Seems like that nipple is a lil far over...

Maybe he has a fully formed third nipple?!

That’d be fuckin’ LIT!!!!!!!!!!

The chest hair too, I can feel it on my fingernails and my fingertips.
If I had a fully formed third nipple I’d be showing it off to the world...

It’s not technically a titty so it’s not like it’d be risqué.

Dude I ABSOLUTELY wanna get sweaty with this guy, I mean just look at the luscious shoulders and chest and arms...

Way back then he looked like he washed down way too many Cheetos with way too many sodas...

But 10/10. Would. Fucking. Bang.

I’ll take him now though, he’s been on a health kick for a while taking supplements and all kinds of shit...

I bet he tastes delicious.

A lot more lean, but just as flavorful.

It looks like you could jump on and hump ANY part of his body to orgasmic fulfillment without worrying you’re gonna be too rough with him...

He could totally take a crazy horny chick pouncing on him and grinding like a fiend on that sweet delicious manmeat.

He’s so thick it’s just totally fine, he doesn’t look fragile at all...

I’d take him right out of this video right now and have more fun with him than I’ve ever had with anybody.

I straight up know it... he makes me wanna actually exert effort and y’all know that ain’t my typical shtick.

I mean don’t get me wrong, after I tired myself out like twice, I’d probably never lift a finger to actually fuck him again. I’d be back to normal.

4:38 - 4:56 ROFLROFLROFL, I love this fuckin’ guy!

What the fuck, how did he have TWO kids AND get married within a year!?

Well whatever, I’m just glad he’s not married anymore...

Married dudes make me sad in the pants!!!

Don’t get married again Rich, for the love of all things sacred, you’re an Aquarius bro!!!
Oh my God...

He looks like Stevie...


He used to be all sad panda because this was his highest viewed video and he lost access to that account...

LOL, pretty soon all his videos will have that many views.

I think I might start masturbating to Rich's videos.

I don't even care about the tarot aspect of it, they're just long enough for me to buff the nanner to...


I think he should keep the facial hair down to a minimum though...

All these stupid chicks in the livestream are saying they like it but I think they're idiots.

There are plenty of dudes out there doing the beard thing right now, Rich doesn't fucking have to be one of them...

I will say this though...

Tarot readings by sign are going out of style.

Of COURSE I'm not trying to assert that they shouldn't be made, or that they're not gonna be a thing in the future...

But collective readings are becoming a lot more popular, hinging on the concept that anybody who is watching the video is meant to, and anybody who isn't meant to see it (and receive the message) won't.

This also cuts down on the work and consolidates everything... it will prevent burnout.

Because Rich will totally burn out if he keeps doing it this way.

He'll probably have to learn that the hard way before he changes format though...

It's a slow progression into the 'collective' format.
Rich has 33K subs and there are nearly 600 people watching his live broadcast... that's an above average ratio of subs to live viewers. Really good. Rich is finally reaping the rewards of his years of effort on YouTube. This is pretty cool to watch.

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