Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
Muwhahaha, guess who just I ran into on Rich's stream!? Lexi Unicorn...


Damn she has good taste in YouTubers...

Love you, miss pretty.
Fucking TOLD YOU Rich's entire audience is hot chicks.

It's insane, FUCK he's so lucky!!!
I'm so fuckin' turnt. I'm just turnt.
One of his hotass women just dropped $99.99 in the superchat...


Rich must have done something right...

Blessed out the wazoo!

Very nice.
Rich is good at dealing with the audience, he doesn't give them TOO much attention...

He sticks to the business pretty well.


I looove his style.

6:50 the ladies are trying to buy Rich's love!!!

I think I might be developing a fetish for seeing women throw money at sexy men...


8:02 LOL he's funny.

YouTube have been assholes lately, but I gotta admit, superchat was a brilliant idea.

I want fuckloads of money so I can throw it at people on YouTube superchat.

It seems like a LOT of fun.
Now here's something I'd like to say...

It's not about Rich but it's about the 'tarot reader community' on YouTube...

They are starting to be compromised by advertisers.

Now unfortunately that's when things reach a "too mainstream" point and it's a jump off point for those of us who KNOW and are privy to the way advertising works online these days (name dropping and the power of suggestion).

The first verified advertiser/scam that I have found these tarot readers name dropping is "University of the People"... one reader even goes so far as to tell people to "type it into Google or their browser" so that they will "remember it" easier. When actually this is so that Google can track how many people are searching these terms, then serve ads and result rankings based on those terms in the future.

"University of the People" is being touted by these readers as "free" but it's actually not free... they get you with hidden fees, such as exam processing fees etc.

But that is just ONE company (and oddly enough not even a 'corporate interest' on its face, very strange) that is starting to drop turds in the 'tarot community' punch bowl...

I assume innumerable others will be on their way.

I just unsubbed 2 people over this even though I really liked them...

So anyone in the 'tarot community' reading this, if you make videos, I strongly encourage you to resist these offers of advertising if they approach you, because you will lose.
Not to mention how reprehensible it is for them to bend to advertisers and taint their readings with this kind of trash, I mean LMFAO, what are we, televangelists here?
And if I see this out of too many more readers...

It won't stay contained to this thread...

I will tell the whole fucking world...

Eyes On You
(11-09-2018, 02:10 AM)Trix Wrote:


I’d like to take his favorite acoustic guitar, smash that fucker just to piss him off really bad and then ask him WTF he’s gonna do about it.

I picture being chased briefly and then asspounded...

You have some SERIOUS issues!!
you need help.
Thanks, Rich!

Relax bud!

Just let it happen!
LOL, Rich shocked to discover a den of perverts talking filth on the internet...

You’re one topic of many hon, keep your panties on!!!

I feel like Rich just came up with this scheme to get pics from everybody...


Hey I ain't hatin', I invented a whole forum just so people could wear sexy avatars...

I mean even if those aren't his intentions, you really gotta admit to think about it that way...

It's pretty fuckin' hilarious.
I'd totally be into this giveaway except for that I already have like 80,000 tarot/oracle decks.
Just imagine how many chicks are gonna be sending him super try-hard pics trying to impress him and shit...


I wish I could be a fly on the wall, this is great.
God. Fucking. BLESS. These entertaining motherfuckers on the internet. This is some good, good shit.

31:31 I completely disagree, it's fine to read tarot for yourself...

There's absolutely no reason why you can't.

Some people may not be able to...

I've heard that some people can only read for themselves, and some people can only read for other people.

But there is absolutely not an "unspoken rule of tarot" that you can't read for yourself.
You can state that kinda thing as an opinion... but most certainly not as a rule.

In fact I'd have to question whether there are any "rules" at all as it pertains to mystical and divinatory practices. But that's another conversation.

Poor Rich is having a Tower moment...

His girlfriend kicked him out into the Maine cold, and now he's having to relocate again.

Apparently he's taking a bus to Ohio where he's supposedly got a place lined up to stay.

Maybe he'll shack up with one of the many multitudes of hot female subscribers he's been blessed with...

What a lucky dude!!!

You know, sometimes, things like this have to happen in order to push us to the next level in life.

His veiwership has helped him out with a lot of donations so that he could get a hotel room, lest he be homeless tonight... so many wonderful people out there. They're helping him relocate. Rich deserves that kind of generous treatment, I think he's a good guy.

Poor thing is in a bit of a sad state tonight though... I hope he doesn't resort to drinking. Don't fall off the wagon, Rich sweetie! Everything will look up! Think of all the hot chicks! There's so much hope, the glory days haven't even yet begun!


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